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Last 7th September 2016 ALGA S.p.A. changed its name in “FREYSSINET PRODUCTS COMPANY ITALIA S.p.A.” keeping its headquarter in Milano – Italy.

This is a further step for the total integration into the Soletanche-Freyssinet Group and for the development of the company.

FPC ITALIA markets and sells the Freyssinet products and technologies in Italy for new structures and Foreva repair solutions, in both civil and private markets.

It is the reference point for all the Freyssinet subsidiaries for the ISOSISM® range of products related to seismic protection.

FPC ITALIA proposes the full range of products for the specialized civil engineering to the market: structural bearings, expansion joints, seismic protection and post-tensioning system.

Design, sales, production, quality control and testing are the key points of the company team organization.

Thanks to its Technical Department and ISOLAB testing laboratory, FPC ITALIA will be also dedicated to the Research and Development of the seismic protection products ISOSISM®.

The Soletanche Freyssinet Group has taken another step forward in the field of seismic protection with FPC ITALIA.