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Cohestrand - the other Freyssinet stay cable

The Freyssinet stay cable has been improved since its first applications to provide better fatigue resistance and durability; at the same time, research has been carried out to transfer its benefits to other uses.

The Cohestrand® cable was thus developed to meet the needs of suspended structures, in which the loads are transferred to the carrier tendon by means of collars and hangers.

In 2005, Cohestrand® was used on the Kanne Suspension Bridge (Belgium); it was later used in conjunction with deviation saddles on several cable-stayed structures, including the Verdun-sur-Garonne Bridge (France) in 2012.

More recently, Cohestrand® has found a new area of application in suspended stadium roofs, where it offers architects unrivalled flexibility and lightness and building owners a 100-year service life.


Verdun sur Garonne Bridge (France)