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Rwanda: mission accomplished for our volunteers!

Marlène, Marc, Michal, Nicola and Pedro came back from Rwanda on Monday 12th February, their heads full of marvelous memories, happy and proud of the completed work.

As part of American NGO Bridges to Prosperity project, 10 volunteers from Freyssinet and the Danich company COWI went to Rwanda to build the Kucyaruseke bridge along with local teams. Housed in the village, they shared the local community life and actively took part to works for 15 days

At the end of these two weeks of work and despite tight deadlines, the Freyssinet and COWI volunteers and the locals team succeeded to erect this 80-meter span bridge, a great news for the local community.

The bridge was inaugurated on the 9th of February with a huge enthusiasm with local authorities and volunteers the volunteers and will improve the community access to school, healthcare and markets.

The budget for the Kucyaruseke bridge project is entirely funded by donations,
the fundraising campaign has thus been set up online in order to raise funds.



You will find on the blog kucyarusekebridge2018.wordpress.com all information related to Kucyaruseke bridge.

Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity, or B2P, is an American NGO that aims to open up isolated communities by building footbridges. These structures improve access to these populations, often located in rural areas, and thus make their everyday lives easier. B2P works alone or in partnership with local initiatives, taking on volunteers from companies or students in order to provide and exchange the skills required to build and guarantee the durability of the footbridges. Since 2001, B2P has initiated over 200 projects in 20 countries, improving living conditions for over one million people. www.bridgestoprosperity.org

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