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The Atlantic Bridge in Panama: world record for a cable-stayed bridge !

Inaugurated on August 2, 2019, the semi-harp cable-stayed bridge called Atlantic Bridge built by VINCI Construction Grands Projets and several of its subsidiaries including Freyssinet in Panama, defies the laws of gravity and forms one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in prestressed concrete of the world.

With a central span of 530 meters, pylons with a height of 212.5 meters and an air draft of 75 meters, it allows the passage of the largest container ships as part of the operation of the expanded Canal and of the vehicles of the 80,000 inhabitants of the coastal communities, regardless of the operation of the locks.

A technical feat

The result of six years of work, the Atlantic Bridge was a real challenge for the 1,200 engineers, technicians and workers who contributed to this construction. Challenge n°1 : create design construction methods that will never disrupt Canal operations and traffic, an essential resource of the country, and this in a tropical climate particularly corrosive for structures.

To achieve that, construction work cannot be carried out in shipping channels; as a result, the deck should be cast in place. The girders are 2.8 metres high and supported by cable stays at 8-metre intervals (7 m at the abutments). As for the pylons, they are not less than 207 metres high.

Freyssinet: exclusive supplier of prestressing and stay cables

For this project, Freyssinet's expertise was solicited by VINCI Construction Grands Projets to supply and install all the prestressing anchors and stay cables.

Conducted with climatic constraints, a specific system for the protection of cable anchorages has been defined to guarantee a better durability. This reinforced protection system, consisting in applying metallization thicknesses much higher than the standard protection system and different depending on the anchoring zones, was implemented by the teams in accordance with specially designed operating and control procedures.

The Atlantic Bridge offers to Freyssinet great visibility in South American countries, like the Treng Treng Kai Kai Bridge had in Chile.

A worker safety example

Mixt of cultures, working methods, languages ​​... if the project was a technical feat, it was also an example in terms of human collaboration. From the very first hours of work, the VINCI Construction Grands Projets teams, and its subsidiaries including Freyssinet, have been keen to introduce a safety culture and have worked daily on its application. The teams can be proud to have done this work without a serious accident. Thanks to this prevention dynamic, the teams can be proud to have done this work without serious accidents and it is the intrinsic quality of the work that has been improved.

Freyssinet, world leader in bridge stay-cables.

Freyssinet is a pioneer in prestressing and cable-staying technologies. The company has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in bridges, engineering structures and dams, with numerous successful projects worldwide.

Freyssinet's cable-staying technology first came into being in the 1970s and has been evolving ever since. It is the benchmark in terms of fatigue resistance, corrosion protection and ease of inspection and replacement.

The company also manufactures and supplies a wide range of accessories (bearings, expansion joints, etc.) and earthquake protection devices that comply with the most stringent European standards.

Find out more about Freyssinet's stay-cables range

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