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Our HR Project

Our recruitment and induction policy

All around the world, transcending the diversity of professions and locations, the men and women at Freyssinet share one culture, which combines a quest for technical excellence, a sense of service, team spirit and unfailing fulfilment of commitments. These employees, who, day after day for over half a century, have been contributing to the company's success and brand image, are our biggest asset.

With sustained growth on all continents, our recruitment policy is important to us. We have partnerships with a number of universities, providing around one hundred internships each year, we offer many apprenticeship and vocational training contracts and employ several International Postgraduate Interns under the French VIE scheme.

Finally, we have chosen to promote long-term employment of our people, most of whom have technical qualifications, whether they are just starting out or have more extensive experience.

All new employees take a personalised induction course, and are also given opportunities to talk to other Group employees, particularly during induction seminars and information meetings.

Our desire: your progress

We take a sustainable employability approach to our relationship with our employees. Training, supporting and promoting the men and women at Freyssinet is a key aspect of our development.

Every year, we provide training for several hundred employees in order to give everyone the opportunity to acquire new skills.

The Freyssinet Academy training centre allows our staff to develop specific know-how about our business areas through practical modules, and to increase their professional contact with other employees.
For example, the Foreva Team training course aims to increase our international network's knowledge of our Foreva® structural repair solutions.  

The PM+ training course is aimed at Project Managers all over the world, to give them the tools for successful overall project management.

Our individual career management tools

One of Freyssinet's strengths lies in the mobility of its people, particularly at management level. Flexibility, responsiveness, adaptability to new environments... these qualities make it possible for all employees to progress in their careers through skill development, independence and empowerment.

We use career management tools to monitor staff individually, including progress meetings, meetings with careers managers, the careers committee, etc. This helps to build bridges to promote our employees' geographical and operational mobility, and their career paths are thus shaped by their ambitions and the job opportunities available.

This policy forms an integral part of Freyssinet's strategy. It aims to support the group's growth by enhancing the recruitment, training and job satisfaction of our employees.

Our commitment to equal opportunities

Freyssinet strives to promote social integration, diversity and equal opportunities. In every country where we operate, the company cultivates balanced teams in very dimension. We take action to ensure that the different elements of society are represented at every level of our organisation. We are particularly committed to increasing the number of women in management roles.

Our business is rooted in our locations; the company listens to what is going on around it and supports employee joint initiatives for local development and education.