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Colombia: construction of the Barranquero Bridge

In the coffee belt region, Freyssinet provided and installed the stay cable system of the Barranquero Bridge in the congested city of Pereira

Since December 2017, the Barranquero Bridge connects the southeast part of the city with the centre, with the goal of improving road mobility.

Built between 2017 and 2016, this extradosed bridge is 70 metres in length with a deck that is 15.40 metres wide, and has two 2.3-metre pedestrian walkways and two 3.50-metre lanes. It is comprised of two main pillars that support the structure using a stay cable system, with 18 stay cables on each pillar for a total of 36 units.

The extent of the work done for this project by Freyssinet includes supplying the H2000 stay cable system (fixed forks in the pillars and adjustable anchorages on the deck), in-situ stay cables pre-assembling, installation and tensioning using Freyssinet's Isotensión® system.

One of the challenges faced in this project was the installation of flanges with relatively high loads in each strand. It is the first extradosed bridge to use Freyssinet's H2000 stay-cable system with fixed forks in the towers.

The Pereira Bridge project was launched by the mayor of Pereira to optimise traffic conditions in the area. This has brought about a substantial improvement in traffic flow between Circunvalar Avenue and the southwest part of Pereira. The Pereira Bridge, also called the Barranquero Bridge, after the name of a very colourful bird from the region, is considered an urban renovation icon in the city. It is part of the great mobility and development changes that the city of Pereira is experiencing.