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Concrete repair

Freyssinet offers a full range of concrete repair solutions:

Concrete re-profiling

Freyssinet re-profiles concrete surfaces manually or by spraying using Foreva® systems:

Manual concrete re-profiling,

Waterproof coating

Freyssinet uses the following Foreva® systems to waterproof and seal concrete surfaces:

Food-grade laminated epoxy coatings,
Hot-sprayed polyurethane,
Hydraulic coatings,
High-density polyethylene shells.

Crack treatment

Freyssinet offers turnkey Foreva® solutions for bridging, filling and grouting cracks in concrete:

Epoxy resin grouts,
Cement grouts,
Bridging compounds,

Water infiltration point treatment

Grouting is the main technique used to stop high flow rate water infiltration in cracked concrete structures. Freyssinet's teams are qualified to apply high-performance resins:

Acrylic or methacrylate resin grouts,
Polyurethane resin grouts.


Areas of application:

Bridges and engineering structures, dams
Public buildings
Private buildings
Industrial structures
Marine and river structures
Tunnels and arches

Water engineering structures
Ancient monuments