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Corrosion protection of reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete structures age. The deterioration of reinforced concrete is principally due to the corrosion of the reinforcements, which occurs when the concrete has lost its ability to protect them. External pollutants found in air or water enter through the micropores in the concrete. In time, the chemical properties of the concrete in the vicinity of the reinforcement are altered and its pH drops. Once the ambient moisture penetrates through to the steel, corrosion begins.

Foreva® solutions can be used to control the progression of corrosion of reinforcements in reinforced concrete structures at all of its stages of development by:

-preserving a protective environment around the reinforcement,

-stopping the corrosion initiation process in the reinforcements,

-preventing the progression of corrosion in the long term after repairing the structural damage it has caused.

Foreva® solutions work on the area surrounding the steel or on the reinforcements themselves by:

-treating the facing to slow down or stop the penetration of pollutants before they reach the reinforcements,

-depolluting the coating to restore the protective environment around the reinforcements,

-protecting the reinforcements by means of an electrochemical process to stop the corrosion, without acting on the spread of the pollution.


Foreva® GP Zinc

Areas of application:

Bridges and engineering structures, dams
Public buildings
Private buildings
Industrial structures
Marine and river structures
Tunnels and arches

Water engineering structures
Ancient monuments