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Station F inaugurated - Flashback on the Halle Freyssinet repair works

Station F, the new name of the Halle Freyssinet in Paris, was inaugurated today at a ceremony attended by President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron.
Built by Eugène Freyssinet in 1929, the structure was listed as a historic monument in 2012. Following extensive works carried out with teams from Freyssinet France, the entire structure is now home to the world's largest startup campus. It will welcome its first startups on 1 July of this year.

The Freyssinet teams began work on the refurbishment project, one of City of Paris's largest, in 2015. The goal was to restore the building's concrete, amounting to some 30,000 sq. metres. To clean the concrete, Freyssinet used a dry ice blasting method similar to the one successfully employed in the Villa Hennebique renovation. The innovative technique uses small solid carbon dioxide pellets at a temperature approaching -80°C (dry ice). The pellets also contain a small quantity of abrasive (sand). The technique cuts dust emissions during cleaning, generates no residual waste and does not cause water infiltration (the dry ice sublimates without passing through an intermediate liquid phase). Following many months of works, the Freyssinet teams handed over to the other building trades including those responsible for interior fitting and finishing.

Station F will be home to a total of 1,000 startups and offer them a restaurant seating 1,000, a 360-seat auditorium and a co-living space set to open in 2018.


Halle Freyssinet works

Client: SDECN
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Architect of Historic Buildings: 2B2M

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