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Structural strengthening

With Foreva® solutions and turnkey service, we improve the performance of your assets in terms of structural safety, ease of maintenance and durability.

Composite reinforcements

As a major player in the maintenance, repair and strengthening of structures, we offer a wide range of solutions, based on bonded composite reinforcement materials, to restore and improve the performance of your assets.

Industrial facilities

Structural integrity management

Repair solutions per type of structure

CRH asset management partnership

An asset management system that can be used to remotely assess concrete silos and prioritise repairs was developed as part of a long-term partnership with materials manufacturer CRH.

Condat Group warehouse concrete repairs

In Chasse sur Rhône, south of Lyon, we have been contracted for vaults concrete repairs works for the CONDAT Lubricants factory. These works follow those carried out in 2009 following an explosion on the site. Over the last 10 years, the client has called on our teams five times.

CACI factory structural strengthening

Refurbishment and structural strengthening of a reinforced concrete factory built in 1899 using the system pioneered by French engineer François Hennebique with the aim of adapting the plant to fulfil the client's new requirements.

Golden Bay Cement Silos

Extending the service life of the heavily damaged silos while preserving raw material resources was at the heart of the repair strategy Freyssinet designed for Golden Bay Cement, to ensure operations’ continuity.

Preheater tower structural strengthening for the Bulacan cement plant

Structural strengthening works were needed to renovate the ageing prestressed concrete preheater tower of a plant to increase its bearing capacity before installation of new equipment.