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CACI factory structural strengthening

Refurbishment and structural strengthening of a reinforced concrete factory built in 1899 using the system pioneered by French engineer François Hennebique with the aim of adapting the plant to fulfil the client's new requirements.

Additional prestressing

The installation of prestressing tendons on an existing structure requires skills not only in prestressing work but also in structural repair. With more than 60-year experience in the strengthening of structures using additional prestressing, Freyssinet offers the guaranty of a turnkey service.

Dry shotcrete

With over 60 years' experience in the strengthening of concrete and masonry structures using the dry shotcrete technique, Freyssinet offers the guarantee of a turnkey service with the dry shotcrete solution.

Sahasinaka masonry structure strengthening

Featuring a combined concrete and masonry structure, the Sahasinaka viaduct was built in 1934. As one of the pier foundations showed signs of subsidence, structural strengthening of the bridge was conducted by Freyssinet.

La Ricamarie bridge – Additional prestressing

Extending the lifespan of the viaduct by 100 years is what Freyssinet achieved after proposing a turnkey service to conduct heavy retrofitting works including additional prestressing, and completing them ahead of schedule.

Preheater tower structural strengthening for the Bulacan cement plant

Structural strengthening works were needed to renovate the ageing prestressed concrete preheater tower of a plant to increase its bearing capacity before installation of new equipment.

Montgomery College Carpark

After one of the post-tensioned floors in a multi-storey car park in Takoma Park sagged without warning, repairs had to be rapidly executed with minimum impact on the garage users.

Marmara Hospital base isolation

Design and installation of base isolation measures for a hospital in Turkey had to address the fact that the building was made up of sixteen blocks, all of varying heights and dimensions.

LH Ford bridge reinforced to support additional load capacity

To fight its deterioration over time, a balanced cantilever box girder bridge in regional New South Wales was reinforced for additional load capacity using post-tensioning, and repaired under traffic in a complex and carefully managed procedure.