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CRH asset management partnership

An asset management system that can be used to remotely assess concrete silos and prioritise repairs was developed as part of a long-term partnership with materials manufacturer CRH.

Cromarty bridge renovation

Tidal conditions and traffic management were the key constraints that had to be addressed by the team responsible for carrying out repairs to this critical network connection.

Manila International Container Terminal

Repairs to the concrete deck of one of the world’s busiest container terminals in the Philippines had to be scheduled to suit both the port’s daily operations and the tide tables.

Kurnell Terminal Wharf

Works to install cathodic protection and repair a concrete wharf that carries pipelines transferring fuel from ships to land must be tightly managed so its operation is not impacted.

Saint-Cloud Viaduct – Cathodic Protection

To prevent corrosion on a 1,100-metre long structure, Freyssinet's teams installed a large-scale Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system (ICCP).

Melbourne Webb Dock Restoration

As part of a major port development project in Melbourne, Freyssinet has been awarded the dock restoration of the Webb Dock port facility.

Redevelopment of Port Irene in the Philippines: final touches to the Freyssinet works next month!

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Since September 2020, Freyssinet has been involved in the modernisation and rehabilitation of Port Irene in the north of the island of Luzon, which is the largest and most populous in the Philippines.