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Sultan Yavuz Selim, the hybrid bridge

The third Bosphorus crossing pushed stay cable technology to the next level, combining a traditional suspension system with high-strength cables to stabilise the bridge and future-proof it for trains.

Rion Antirion cable-stayed bridge lightning protection

When a bolt of lightning damaged the cable system, the cable-stayed bridge lightning protection had to be carried out along with the emergency replacement of one of the cables.

Pertuiset bridge – Stay cables replacement

Freyssinet's teams were enlisted to strengthen the deck, execute the 23 pairs of high-tech stay cables replacement and maintain structural fittings.

Rande bridge widening

A world first was implemented by Freyssinet and its partners to increase the traffic capacity of the Rande cable-stayed bridge. It consisted in connecting an additional steel deck on both sides of the existing one and supporting it with a new stay cable system.

Maintenance of stay cables and prestressing tendons

Geoga cable-stayed bridge

Located in an exposed offshore area subject to high-speed winds and to potential typhoons, the cable-stayed bridge had to be equipped with the most robust cable anti-vibration system and durable stay cables.

Millau viaduct construction

The unique launching procedure that was employed to build the deck of France’s prestigious Millau Viaduct put construction and cable-stay technology to the test.

New cable-stayed bridge in Bangkok: installation of cables to start soon!

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The future bridge, called Rama III bridge, will be parallel to the stay cable Rama IX bridge built in 1987 over the Chao Phraya river. It is also a cable-stayed bridge with two H-shaped pylons, with a main span of 450 m and 152 stay cables of lengths ranging from 40.5 to 233.7 m.  …