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Post-tensioning systems

As an undisputed pioneer, Freyssinet offers a complete range of strand and bar post-tensioning systems (PT systems), covering all possible applications in the civil engineering and building sectors. Our in-house teams ensure professional execution of PT work, handling all stages of design, installation, stressing and grouting.


As mechanical parts that manage the inevitable movements of bridge structures, bearings are one of their most important structural components. The selection of the right bearing type for use requires the attention of a specialist. So does its installation, monitoring, maintenance and replacement.

Seismic protection

Pioneer in the development of earthquake protection devices, Freyssinet offers a complete range of dedicated products and associated services marketed under the well-known ISOSISMĀ® brand.

Heavy lifting and handling

ITER seismic isolation bearings

Almost five hundred special isolation bearings were manufactured and installed with high precision to protect the International Thermo-nuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) from earthquake damage.

ITER reactor cryostat spherical bearings

Bearings to support the cryostat chamber inside the ground-breaking International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in south west France had to meet stringent requirements.

Anchoring systems for geotechnics

Ground anchors are one of the first applications of Freyssinet technologies, with for example the stabilisation of a dam in Algeria as early as 1939. Drawing on this long experience, we offer geotechnics expert solutions and services to companies carrying out ground stabilization works.

Energy infrastructures

Hebron Oil Field – Offshore prestressed platform

Reinforcement of the ExxonMobil offshore platform in Canada with 2,400 tonnes of post-tensioning to ensure waterproofing and iceberg-resistance of its concrete structure.