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Structural strengthening

With Foreva® solutions and turnkey service, we improve the performance of your assets in terms of structural safety, ease of maintenance and durability.

Composite reinforcements

As a major player in the maintenance, repair and strengthening of structures, we offer a wide range of solutions, based on bonded composite reinforcement materials, to restore and improve the performance of your assets.

Port and waterway structures

Repair solutions per type of structure

Kurnell Terminal Wharf

Works to install cathodic protection and repair a concrete wharf that carries pipelines transferring fuel from ships to land must be tightly managed so its operation is not impacted.

Corrosion protection

To extend the life of structures exposed to aggressive environments, we offer corrosion protection solutions to prevent or mitigate corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete

Concrete restoration

Dry shotcrete

With over 60 years' experience in the strengthening of concrete and masonry structures using the dry shotcrete technique, Freyssinet offers the guarantee of a turnkey service with the dry shotcrete solution.

Additional prestressing

The installation of prestressing tendons on an existing structure requires skills not only in prestressing work but also in structural repair. With more than 60-year experience in the strengthening of structures using additional prestressing, Freyssinet offers the guaranty of a turnkey service.

Ultra High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)

We accompany you from design to implementation by developing for you an innovative solution, specifying UHPC performances adapted for your project and checking with you the feasibility and economy of the solution.