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Carpark post-tensioning replacement

A tightly-confined working area in an operational car park demanded careful planning for the post-tensioning replacement of a series of broken greased and sheathed monostrands in two underground deck slabs.

Clemenceau Medical Center rehabilitation

Building rehabilitation project to turn a high-rise hotel building into a hospital facility, that needed extensive strengthening works to accommodate the revised loads.

Eastbourne carpark structural strengthening

A novel precast shell system made of ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete enabled extra floors to be swiftly added to a multi-storey car park without its operation being disrupted.

Alpes-Maritimes Administrative Centre

To improve the building's safety, Freyssinet rolled out several complementary techniques as part of a design and build contract, whose total cost proved to be 34% less than the client's initial estimate.

Gatwick Airport Multi-Storey Car Park

Three columns on the ground and first floors of a car park in the UK were strengthened by the use of pre-loaded Exoleaf shells after signs of overloading became visible.

Arsenal sports center connected post-tensioning

A project to install connected post-tensioning in the roof beams of a new sports centre in France was chosen as the test-bed for a system of monitored site operations which established the technology for wide-ranging data collection.

The MUCEM pushes back post-tensioning limits

A complex and innovative system for casting, assembling and post-tensioning tree-shaped concrete columns was the key to bringing to life the architect’s vision for a new national museum in Marseille

Marmara Hospital base isolation

Design and installation of base isolation measures for a hospital in Turkey had to address the fact that the building was made up of sixteen blocks, all of varying heights and dimensions.

Montgomery College Carpark

After one of the post-tensioned floors in a multi-storey car park in Takoma Park sagged without warning, repairs had to be rapidly executed with minimum impact on the garage users.

CNIT underground station jacking

The construction of a station located underneath a Paris shopping centre required the taking up of a load of a frame assembly of some 100,000 tonnes, thanks to an innovative jacking system.