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An Dong bridge’s multihole saddle

The latest generation of Freyssinet’s multihole saddle, which offers improved performance and durability, was used for the first time on Vietnam’s An Dong extradosed bridge.

Cable systems

Cabled bridges and structures are sustainable, environmentally friendly and architecturally outstanding structures.

Cua Dai extradosed bridge using Cohestrand technology

Locally-cohesive Cohestrand technology was successfully produced and installed for the first time on an extradosed highway bridge which crosses the Tra Khuc River to create a coastal bypass of Quang Ngai city.

Vegas Allegiant cable roof stadium

A short timescale for assembly and erection of a cable-net roof on a new stadium in Las Vegas drove the creation of a digital site management tool that saved time and improved quality control.

Penang bridge stay cables replacement

Corroded stay cables on the only bridge to Penang Island were replaced under traffic – a world-first operation that was made more challenging by the lack of any redundancy in the system.

Rion Antirion cable-stayed bridge lightning protection

When a bolt of lightning damaged the cable system, the cable-stayed bridge lightning protection had to be carried out along with the emergency replacement of one of the cables.

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge pushed the limit for cable-stayed structures, its main span setting a new world record and demanding extra-long cables designed for the region’s harsh climate.

Saemangeum bridge’s ultra-strong cables

A South Korean initiative to support new innovation has prompted the development of ultra-high-strength wire for parallel strand cables being installed on a cable-stayed bridge on the west coast.