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Freyssinet anchoring systems are used to hold, restrain and support buildings and civil engineering structures, either permanently or temporarily.
Anchoring products are engineered systems that stabilize grounds and/or fix a structure to the ground, enabling load transfer into an appropriate stratum.


The anchors ensure the stability of the soil and allow for large and deep excavations. They are often temporary, as the long-term stability of the ground will be ensured by the structure built in the excavation (car parks, basements, etc.).

The anchor is the essential element that transmit forces from a retaining wall to the ground and ensures the overall stability.

Vertical anchors are generally pre-stressed and improve the stability of dams, while reducing water ingress along the contact line with the rock.

Ground anchors are generally used to improve the stability of an existing quay wall.
For new construction, port tie rods are used to transfer the forces to rear piles or sheet piling.

Anchors ensure the stability of galleries by balancing the forces of the ground. This technique applies to mines and tunnels.

Vertical anchors provide an effective link between the foundation and the ground, while limiting the effects of fatigue when pre-stressed. The anchors can be used for towers, radio masts, wind turbines, etc.

Anchors allow structures to be built on low bearing capacity or unstable ground. The vertical loads of the structure are transmitted to the deeper, stable areas.

Anchors are used to hold structures in place that are subject to high water uplift pressure and therefore allow structures to be built in underwater areas by compensating for Archimedes’ principle.

Anchoring a cable anchor block to the ground by means of pre-stressed ground anchors makes it possible to limit or cancel the movements, and therefore the fatigue effect.

Anchoring systems for geotechnics

Why choose Freyssinet ground anchors

01. Comprehensive range of systems for all uses

Ground anchors, soil nails, rocks bolts, micropiles, port tie rods

02. Tailor-made solutions

In-house R&D and design office capable of studying specific solutions

03. State-of-the-art

Products compliant with international standards

04. Durability

Products protected against corrosion Monitoring solutions available for each system

05. Local support

More than 60 subsidiaries with local qualified staff

06. End-to-end services

Not just products. But a full range of solutions and services, including engineering and design, specification and manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
Anchoring systems for geotechnics

An end-to-end service

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