Lifting and handling heavy structures are complex operations. We deliver tailored solutions adapted to each project configuration, from early design to final operation.

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    Water infrastructures
    Energy infrastructures

Whether occurring during a design-build project or as a primary step to perform repair or maintenance activities, lifting or handling heavy structures remains challenging. It demands control over the stresses induced in the structure throughout the whole process. Conducting such operations requires engineering expertise, reliable equipment, careful operating, and precise placement. Relying on skilled and experienced teams and thorough risk management to ensure worker safety, structure preservation, and worksite surroundings protection is essential, especially when these operations are carried out in dense urban areas.
From cable-stayed bridge rotation to stadium roof lifting, from underpass bridge sliding to hauling-up of water tower tanks, through to jacking-up operations, we will offer you the most appropriate solutions, especially when other conventional installation methods are impractical, risky or too costly.

Heavy handling includes:

  • heavy lifting, which consists in moving a structure or a load vertically,
  • sliding, which involves the horizontal shift of a structure or a load,
  • rotation sometimes, when the operation also entails a change in orientation of the structure.

Complex projects may often necessitate to combine several operations, especially when adjusting the structure in its final position. This is where our expertise, specialist teams and capability to drive and manage the project in all aspects will make the difference.


Why choose Freyssinet for your project

01. Over 40 years’ experience

In the most complex, small and large-scale operations

02. Time-saving operation

Reducing installation activities on the critical path

03. Reduced site interferences

Few interferences with other site activities until the structure is moved and installed in its final position

04. Extensive service offering

From concept design to implementation

05. Reduce traffic disruption

Minimize disturbance as structures are built next to the traffic line and moved to the final position during a very short track closure

06. Documented risk management

With HAZID/HAZOP type assessment of each handling or lifting operation

07. Exclusive technologies

State-of-the-art Hebetec hydraulic equipment and Megasteel® temporary structures

08. High safety standards

Services tailored to your needs

From design to execution

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