Bridge and deck construction

Our portfolio of methods

1/ In situ construction

  • Incremental launching
  • Cast-in-place cantilever
  • Construction on scaffolding

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2/ Precast segmental erection

  • Balanced cantilever erection with launching gantry / lifting frames / cranes
  • Span by span erection with launching gantry / on falsework
  • Precast girder erection
  • Full span precast method

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3/ Heavy lifting and handling of structures

  • Heavy lifting: strand lifting, precision jacking
  • Sliding techniques: autoripage, autofonçage, airpad sliding, lateral sliding
  • Rotation systems
  • Special formwork

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  • 1946
    First development and use by Freyssinet of industrialized methods for bridge erection, for the Luzancy bridge
  • 320+
    Number of cable-stayed bridges where Freyssinet has been involved
  • 70+
    Number of bridges built in situ by Freyssinet
  • 50+
    Number of precast bridge decks erected by Freyssinet

Why choose Freyssinet

TMCLK, Hong Kong_Lifting frame

Hundreds of bridge and deck construction projects around the world for over 70 years, small to large-scale.

Applicable to:


  • Choice of construction method
  • Optimization of superstructure design and construction method
  • Design & supply of equipment and temporary structures
  • Erection of the superstructure, equipment operation, concrete casting, prestressing
  • Finishing work, including installation of structural fittings
  • Maintenance and repair services

Proven ability to propose and implement alternative designs and methods to achieve the best possible value at the lowest life cycle cost.

Under the leadership of our Major Project Department for the largest and most complex projects, our specialist supervising teams are able to manage safely the construction project within budget and on time, taking into account all technical and environmental factors.

Bridge and deck construction

A global approach to bridge construction

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In situ construction methods

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Precast segmental erection methods

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