We offer our industrial clients a full range of services to repair, protect and strengthen their industrial assets under works contracts, shutdowns or long-term maintenance contracts. Our wide range of skills make us the partner of choice for maintenance contracts where you prefer to deal with a safe, reliable and single service provider.

  • Types of structures
    Cement plants
    Power plants
    LNG tanks
    Preheater towers
    Cooling towers

Specific challenges

Industrial, mining and agricultural assets are subject to harsh conditions due to chemicals used in some processes and air pollution. As for all key infrastructure, breakdowns that halt operations are a serious concern for site operators.

Industrial facilities specific challenges

  • Ageing of materials (steel, wood, concrete)
  • Concrete cracking or spalling due to alkaline reaction
  • Concrete carbonation
  • Chloride penetration in concrete cover
  • External chemical aggressions (polluted air, acid rain)
  • Chemical aggressions from stored products
  • Freezing / thawing cycles

  • Change in materials stored
  • Heavy equipment, vibrations
  • Evolution of standards (wind, earthquake, safety)
  • Design error, poor design or implementation
  • Material fatigue (moving wheel load effects)

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Excessive loading
  • Ground movements
Full service

From survey   to implementation

Why choose Freyssinet for your project?

01. Long-term savings

Regular maintenance and repair works prevent future replacement investments and reduce insurance costs.

02. One-stop specialist services

With our full range of skills, we can work as a single contractor, optimize the design and deliver the most efficient solution.

03. Worldwide reputation

We guarantee performance in accordance with international guidelines and the highest safety standards.

04. Experienced partner

Our solutions are designed to work without interrupting operations and our teams are trained to work in harsh conditions.
Lafarge cement factory in France / additional external post-tensioning
Lafarge cement factory in France

Corrosion of the previous additional prestressing

  • Development of large cracks
  • Corrosion of the reinforcing bars of the main silo wall
  • Silo filling capacity reduced to 75% to minimize stress

/ Solutions provided: 

  • Removal of strengthening PT and cover mortar
  • Surface preparation and patching
  • Installation of additional external post-tensioning, using 1X15® system

Inadequate design of the reinforcement of existing hoops

  • Development of large cracks
  • Silo filling capacity reduced to 75% to minimize stress

/ Solutions provided: 

  • Detailed investigation and material testing
  • Modelization and development of optimized remedial solution based on 25 year design life and 100% capacity
  • UHP water blasting, hacking and rebar replacement, shotcrete restoration
  • Strengthening by additional post-tensioning
Golden bay cement factory in New Zealand
Golden bay cement factory in New Zealand
SOCMA Silos Industry France
SOCMA Silos Industry France

Inappropriate design

  • Silos running at only 50 % of their capacity

/ Solutions provided: 

  • Installation of vertical Ductal® ribs and precast Ductal® panels
  • Strengthening by additional post-tensioning

Need for seismic retrofitting,  structural upgrade to latest standards, addition of a preheating tower

  • Poor concrete quality
  • Chlorides / Carbonation

/ Solutions provided: 

  • Condition assessment
  • Modeling of the structure
  • Optimization of the strengthening solution:
    • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Foreva TFC®) + Anti-UV protection coating (Foreva Relastic 310)
    • Foundation strengthening by micropiling
    • Installation of seismic dampers
    • Strengthening of RC beams by carbon fiber
    • Strengthening of steel members
Illigan cement factory in Philippines
Illigan cement factory in Philippines

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