Freyssinet offers its specialized services for the construction and durability of energy infrastructures.

With our extensive expertise in post-tensioning, seismic protection, bearings for offshore topsides and heavy lifting, we help you secure elements critical to both the construction schedule and the safety of the structure.

  • Types of structures

    Nuclear reactor buildings
    LNG storage tanks
    Offshore [gravity based & floating] structures
    Wind turbine masts
    Post-tensioning mock-ups

We contribute to the durability of critical energy infrastructures, even in the most challenging environments.

01. 150+ nuclear reactors

Number of nuclear reactors protected from overpressure and radioactive leakage beyond their approved initial lifetime, thanks to Freyssinet technologies.

02. 120+ LNG storage tanks

Number of LNG storage tanks made safer and more energy efficient, even in desert or arctic environments, or in seismic zones.

03. 12+ Gravity-based concrete structures

Number of gravity-based concrete structures protected from corrosion in the harshest of climates or marine environments.

04. 32,000 tons

Weight of a gas production platform shifted over 200 meters distance in South Korea by our specialist subsidiary Hebetec.

The strongest requirements in technicality, quality and deadlines

While our systems typically represent limited, if not marginal, project-wide expenditures, they are highly sensitive because they are on the critical path of the construction schedule and address key safety functions.

Nuclear safety and CFSI management govern the manufacturing processes and installation procedures for pre-stressing as the final barrier against radioactive leakages.

Need to optimize the installation schedule and be reactive to propose solutions to unforeseen events, from the design phase to the last task.

Need to provide solutions to structural problems encountered in the construction of concrete structures, beyond the limits of the official scope of intervention.

Through, for example, tests prior to the design and construction phases, to validate the post-tensioning methods and equipment by means of full-scale models.

Risk management-based approach of critical systems

Design, manufacture field expertise

Our references

Hinkley Point C energy infrastructures, UK
Hinkley Point C, UK

Post-tensioning systems for 3rd generation Nuclear Power Plants (EPR, VVER, Hualong)

  • Stringent quality standards specific to the nuclear safety environment.
  • Vertical, highly deviated, Gamma-shaped and U-shaped tendons.

/Solutions provided: 

  • Access platforms, including on domes
  • Supply and installation of C-range post-tensioning
  • Equi-tensioning and tensioning jacks, with force measurement cells as required
  • Thixotropic and other specialized grout formulations

Study of installation methods

  • for 55-strand greased and sheathed post-tensioning cables, including U-tendons

/Solutions provided: 

  • Full scale mock-ups
  • Tendon prefabrication
  • Specific pulling sequence and devices
  • Specific grout injection methods
KHNP technical programme, South Korea - energy infrastructures
KHNP technical programme, South Korea
Hebron GBS, Canada - energy infrastructures
Hebron GBS, Canada

Supply and technical assistance in prestressing

  • In a submersed oil storage structure
  • In extreme winter conditions

Supply and technical assistance for tensioning bars (topsides-to-support connection)

/Solutions provided: 

  • Research and risk management to secure the work in the authorized periods
  • Fabrication and installation of 120m high U-shaped ducts
  • Specific grout mix, full-scale mock-ups and injection methods

Supply of and technical assistance for the post-tensioning

  • of 4 tanks of 160 000 m3 capacity in Arctic conditions

/Solutions provided: 

  • Post-tensioning system and installation equipment
  • Proven methods in extreme winter conditions
Yamal LNG Tank energy infrastructures, Russia
Yamal LNG Tank, Russia
Wind farms in Trairi, Brazil - energy infrastructures
Wind farms in Trairi, Brazil

Installation of wind towers mast without heavy cranes

/Solutions provided: 

  • Fabrication of concrete mast elements
  • Development of the Eolift® mast jacking system, element by element
  • Post-tensioning of the assembled masts

Custom-made spherical bearings

  • Specific bearings to support topsides during towing to the final position of floating installations in arctic conditions.
  • Outstanding service temperature and dimensional requirements (dimensions, weight).


Arctic LNG tank, Russia
Arctic LNG tank, Russia
Dong Siri oil platform, Denmark
Dong Siri oil platform, Denmark

Strengthening of an existing offshore jack-up structure

  • Custom-made cable bracings

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More references -Download Nuclear plants Portfolio


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