Why protect against corrosion?

Corrosion of steel reinforcement is the main cause of deterioration of concrete structures. If left untreated, corrosion can lead to a reduction in the structure’s load-bearing capacity and, in the worst case, to the complete failure of a section, resulting in significant repair costs and endangering public safety.

Freyssinet offers an appropriate solution to your corrosion problems, tailored to your objectives and schedule, to each type of structure, its condition and its environment – underground, atmospheric or marine (bridges, buildings, berths, jetties, pipelines, tanks, tunnels, etc.).

Working on the area surrounding the steel or the reinforcement itself, our solutions can be used to:

  • Prevent the initiation of corrosion.
  • Slow down or stop the initial corrosion
  • Prevent the progression of corrosion in the long term.

Protection against sea chlorides.


Caltex Wharf in Australia – Copyright: F. Courbet

Protection against contamination from airborne chlorides.

Seaside buildings

Protection against the loss of alkalinity of the cover concrete due to carbonation.

Protection against the ingress of water contaminated by de-icing salts.


Corrosion protection

A complete range of services


Why choose Freyssinet for your project?

01. Cutting edge technologies

We have an international team specialised in the field of corrosion, whose members are part of national and international technical committees (FIB, NACE International, EFC, AIPC, ACA).

02. Specialized and certified staff

Our engineers and specialists are certified in cathodic protection (NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineer and ISO 15257 - Cathodic Protection – Competence levels and certification of cathodic protection personnel)

03. Full service

We are a leading specialist in the design, installation, commissioning and monitoring of cathodic protection, as well as the assessment and diagnosis of corrosion damage and electrochemical rehabilitation.

04. Tailor-made life extension

We are able to tailor the corrosion protection solution to the customer's desired life span of the structure.
Corrosion protection solutions

+Electrochemical cure

This is a short term intensive treatment that establishes an electric field between the reinforcement and an externally mounted sacrificial anode embedded in an electrolyte gel that is applied to the concrete cover surface. The voltage between the anode and the reinforcement is regulated and adjusted by a power supply unit.

Electrochemical cure – Chloride extraction

Chloride ions are brought in by winds at the seaside, by water rich in de-icing salts or by swimming pool water. They penetrate the envelope of concrete structures and reach the reinforcements. With Foreva® CL- solution, the chloride ions (CL-) are attracted by the external anode, repelled by the reinforcing steel and then trapped in the electrolytic gel applied to the concrete surface. The treatment is completed when the chloride ion content has decreased to such an extent that the reinforcing steel is repassivated. After cleaning and drying, a protective coating is applied to the facing to reduce the penetration of new chlorides.
  • Direct action on the cause of corrosion
  • Improved passivation of reinforcing steel
  • Preservation of the architectural finish

Electrochemical cure – Re-alkalization

Atmospheric carbon dioxide penetrates the concrete cover and induces what is called carbonation: a drop in pH. The carbonate layer progresses from the surface of the concrete towards the reinforcing steel, altering the passivated steel layer. The Foreva ® PH+ treatment generates a protective ring of high alkalinity concrete positioned around the reinforcement, which restores the passivation of the steel surface. At the same time, the surface of the concrete in contact with the electrolytic gel absorbs an alkaline solution which penetrates more and more deeply.
  • Uniform treatment of the facing
  • Preservation of the architectural finish
  • Non-invasive treatment
Corrosion protection solutions

+ Galvanic protection

It is a recognised technique for corrosion protection of reinforcing bars embedded in concrete, without an external power supply. The protective currents are generated by the potential difference between the steel and the zinc alloy when placed in the concrete.

The zinc alloy anode is a less stable metal than the steel to be protected and burns up preferentially, generating the cathodic protection current. The armature is then placed in a state of electrochemical immunity.

Galvanic anodes - Thermal sprayed zinc anode

The Foreva® GP Zinc galvanic anode cathodic protection solution uses a sacrificial zinc anode on the surface of the concrete element to protect the embedded reinforcement.
  • No reduction in clearance
  • No added weight
  • One-shot installation

Galvanic anodes - Discrete anodes

Foreva® Galvastar galvanic protection uses discrete zinc alloy anodes inserted into the facing of the concrete element to protect the embedded reinforcement.
  • Suitable for armatures with complex layouts
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • No added weight
Corrosion protection solutions

+ Impressed current cathodic protection

Impressed current cathodic protection is a widely used technique for the protection of reinforced concrete against corrosion induced by chloride pollution or carbonation.

The proper functioning of the cathodic protection system can be continuously monitored and the performance can be adjusted by changing the polarisation level of the reinforcement (cathode).

The reinforcement is placed in an electrochemically immune state.

Impressed current cathodic protection – Discrete anodes

The Foreva® V+ solution uses titanium mesh elements as discrete anodes.
  • In-depth protection of the concrete element
  • Suitable for high reinforcement density
  • Suitable for reinforcement with complex layouts

Impressed current cathodic protection – Anodic mesh

The Foreva® CP Mesh solution uses layers of titanium mesh as surface anodes.
  • Can be combined with dry shotcrete
  • Suitable for different reinforcing steel densities
  • Suitable for the most aggressive environments

Impressed current cathodic protection – Anodic micro perforated strip

The Foreva® CP Ribbon solution uses mesh ribbons as surface anodes.
  • Perfect adhesion to the facing
  • Suitable for different reinforcing steel densities
  • Suitable for the most aggressive environments

Discover some of our references


Kurnell Terminal Wharf cathodic protection

Works to install cathodic protection and repair a concrete wharf that carries pipelines transferring fuel from ships to land must be tightly managed so its operation is not impacted.

Saint-Cloud Viaduct – Cathodic protection

To prevent corrosion on a 1,100-metre long structure, Freyssinet's teams installed a large-scale Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system (ICCP).

Melbourne Webb Dock Restoration

As part of a major port development project in Melbourne, Freyssinet has been awarded the dock restoration of the Webb Dock port facility.

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