Main use cases

Our expertise in structural strengthening and repair applies to:

  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Heritage structures
  • Industrial facilities
  • Port & waterway structures
  • Tunnels & culverts
  • Water infrastructures

The objective is to restore the initial strength of the structure, in order to compensate for a lack of strength due to initial defects or to restore its initial load-bearing capacity, especially when the structure has been damaged by excessive or accidental stress during its use.

The objective is to increase the strength of a structure so that it can withstand dynamic loads that were not originally intended, without the structure having been modified during its lifetime or after repair.

The objective is to ensure regulatory compliance or anticipate strengthening to meet higher standards of structural strength.

The objective is to increase the serviceability of a structure. Structural modifications consist of removing or strengthening existing structural elements or adding new ones, while controlling the distribution of loads in the structure.

The aim is to strengthen and adapt an existing structure and its foundations to new service requirements, following a modernisation project, such as moving a building from one use category to another.

The aim is to prevent the demolition of severely damaged structures. Extreme repairs are mainly related to unforeseen events for which the structure was not designed, such as fire, earthquake, storm, load impact, flood, war, etc.

Structural strengthening

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Structural strengthening solutions

Additional prestressing

Additional prestressing is the addition of external forces to increase the load-bearing capacity of a structure. It is mainly used for flexural strengthening of beams and slabs, and for the confinement of pressurized units. As the inventor of prestressed concrete, Freyssinet offers a wide range of prestressing systems adapted to all types of structures.
  • Strengthening of weakened structures
  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • Compensation for excessive deflection

Reinforcement with fibre-reinforced polymers

Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) reinforcements involve bonding tensile composite reinforcements to the surface of structural members to increase their crack resistance and load carrying capacity. FRP reinforcements are often used for flexural strengthening of beams and slabs, shear strengthening of beams and confinement of columns. Freyssinet develops proprietary systems to provide the highest level of performance and workmanship.
  • Tensile reinforcement on beams and slabs
  • Increased compressive strength
    and ductility of columns
  • Enhanced resilience to earthquakes

Dry shotcrete

In order to be used as structural reinforcement, shotcrete/mortar and the parent concrete must together form a single structural element with monolithic behaviour. Dry shotcrete and wet shotcrete are two complementary methods that offer specific advantages. The project configuration will determine the choice of one or the other method.
  • Increased compression and flexural strength
  • Increased tensile and flexural strength
  • Increased flexural stiffness

Ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete

Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPC or UHPFRC) is an ideal material for strengthening concrete structures while extending their service life, providing abrasion resistance and improving their waterproofing. All application methods are available from Freyssinet to best meet site constraints (cast-in-place, pumped, precast or wet sprayed).
  • Increased load bearing capacity
  • Preserved gauge
  • Reduced amount of material
    to be stored and installed

Discover our references


Alpes-Maritimes Administrative Centre

To improve the building's safety, Freyssinet rolled out several complementary techniques as part of a design and build contract, whose total cost proved to be 34% less than the client's initial estimate.
New Zealand

Auckland heritage building reinforcement

An eye for detail and command of technology were key to ensuring that a major project to create a railway tunnel below one of Auckland’s historic buildings was completed without a hitch.

Barbazan culvert reinforcement using UHPFRC

A specially developed mix and custom-designed equipment now allow ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete to be spray-applied, opening up a world of possibilities for this durable material.

CACI factory structural strengthening

Refurbishment and structural strengthening of a reinforced concrete factory built in 1899 using the system pioneered by French engineer François Hennebique with the aim of adapting the plant to fulfil the client's new requirements.

Clemenceau Medical Center rehabilitation

Building rehabilitation project to turn a high-rise hotel building into a hospital facility, that needed extensive strengthening works to accommodate the revised loads.

Eastbourne carpark structural strengthening

A novel precast shell system made of ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete enabled extra floors to be swiftly added to a multi-storey car park without its operation being disrupted.

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