Residential buildings, industrial facilities, water towers, dams, ports, bridges… Freyssinet has the technology to protect, repair, strengthen and maintain the structures that are essential to our daily lives.

Freyssinet’s repair methods and solutions all come under the Foreva® label. From analysis to design and implementation, it guarantees a service adapted to your needs.

  • +3000
    repair projects per year
  • +30
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  • +60
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Concrete structures pathologies

Like many materials, concrete can degrade over time due to a number of factors. Identifying and understanding the underlying cause of structural problems is essential to implementing the correct remediation technique, which allows the concrete to be repaired in a more sustainable manner and extends the life of the structure.

Insufficient quality and/or thickness of the concrete coating in relation to the environment, incorrect positioning and/or lack of reinforcement bars.

Natural ageing or ageing accelerated by fatigue stresses.

Exposure to seawater, sea spray, acid fumes, road salt, etc.

These can lead to cracking of the concrete and/or plastic deformation of the metal reinforcing bars.

Fires, earthquakes, storms, impacts, etc.

Concrete repair

Why choose Freyssinet for your project

01. Customised solution

Freyssinet invests heavily in innovation to develop customised solutions that meet the needs of each client. We have gained particular expertise in three very specific areas: fire repairs, coastal structures and balconies.

02. Worldwide experience

Working closely with our Technical Department and our Major Projects division, our 60 subsidiaries capitalise on our experience and best practices to ensure the same expertise is applied to every project.

03. Comprehensive service

Freyssinet delivers a complete range of services covering assessment, repair, strengthening, protection and maintenance of all types of structures, certified by our Foreva® quality label.

04. Dedicated repair teams

Dedicated teams are assigned exclusively to structural repair in each country where we operate. They regularly undergo rigorous training programmes to keep their expertise up-to-date.
Concrete restoration

A complete range of services

1. Surface preparation techniques

When repairing or strengthening, the quality of the bond to the substrate is essential, regardless of the thickness and reinforcement of the concrete layer to be applied. A range of pressures, flows and nozzles can be used to achieve the following:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Removal of coatings
  • Removal of build-up
  • Aggressive stripping to ensure adhesion of new concrete
  • Profiling of concrete


Hydrodemolition is a specialised technique that uses high pressure (HP – up to 1500 bars) or ultra-high pressure (UHP - up to 3000 bars) water jets to remove damaged or sound concrete. It can be used on small localised areas or large areas. Ultra-high pressure water can activate/open cracks in the concrete surface and disintegrate the binder around the aggregates, leaving the structure intact and ready for repair. Hydro demolition also has the benefit of not damaging steel reinforcement. It is recognised by the industry as the safest and most effective method of removing concrete.
  • Reduction in programme duration
  • Reinforced steel ready for concrete re-instatement
  • Reduced health, safety and environmental risks

Abrasive blasting

Freyssinet is experienced in the blasting and painting of steel products, also known as sandblasting, and has qualified inspectors on its teams. We own most of our plant and equipment, such as dust collectors, spraying units, vacuum units and inspection and testing equipment. Our experience covers the following products: solvent-free epoxy, zinc rich coating, multi-component coatings, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl ester, acrylics and liquid rubber sealing.
  • Removal and management of hazardous paint,
    such as asbestos and lead.
  • Application of high performance
    anti-corrosion industrial coatings
2. Concrete restoration techniques

Hand-compacted concrete repairs

They can be used to repair superficially damaged elements of any reinforced or prestressed concrete structures to restore their mechanical strength and original appearance. They are also suitable for concrete surfaces with construction defects. The high mechanical strength and stiffness of repair mortars make them ideal for the repair of structural concrete, even for surfaces subject to traffic.

The Foreva® REP solution uses Foreva® M110 or Foreva® M140 (fast setting) fibre cement repair mortar, with the option of Foreva® MF 100 fine mortar for a smooth, tight finish.
  • Perfect bonding to concrete in situ
  • Suitable for harsh conditions
  • Short interruption in use

Dry shotcrete

The shotcrete is sprayed at high speed onto the concrete facing panel to which it adheres and is compacted by the impact of the aggregates. The shotcrete and the base concrete thus form a single element that behaves monolithically. The composition of the shotcrete is chosen according to the exposure class and the strength class of the base concrete.

It can be used to reinforce all types of concrete structural elements, allowing a wide variety of reprofiling work to be carried out in accordance with industry standards and good practice, ensuring minimal disruption to the operation of the structure and the environment.
  • Full adhesion to substrate
  • Optimal compaction of concrete for better durability
  • Fast and flexible application

Crack injection

Resin and cement-based media can be used for a wide range of structural and non-structural void filling applications. This includes injection into fine cracks within reinforced concrete structures as well as mass stabilisation of void sub-strates. Freyssinet provides a full service of injection techniques and uses high and low pressure injection equipment in conjunction with the latest vacuum injection technologies, polyester epoxy and polyurethane resins.
  • Prevents pollutants from penetrating
  • Restores monolithism
  • For concrete, wood, and metal surfaces
3. Surface protection techniques

Blockage of water ingress

Freyssinet is able to address both water ingress into structures and water loss in water retaining structures. We carry out structural sealing work on a wide variety of structures, often working in confined and difficult to access spaces. Our teams are qualified to apply high performance resins: acrylic or methacrylate resin grouts and polyurethane resin grouts.

Dealing with each project individually, we will assess, recommend and implement the best technique to stop water entering/exiting the structure using pressure injected materials.
  • Industry proven materials
    from leading suppliers
  • No additional stresses created
    for the structure
  • Comprehensive service

Hydrophobic impregnation

Foreva® Fuge is a solution based on the application of a water-repellent chemical to the concrete facing in the form of a liquid or cream, in order to control the penetration of water into the concrete surface.

The treatment is a hydrophobic impregnation that creates a water repellant film in the surface pores of the concrete. Hydrophobic impregnation considerably reduces the capillary uptake of liquid pollutants (salt water) into the concrete cover, and thus slows down or prevent their penetration. It can also be used to prevent damages due to freeze/thaw cycles.

Foreva® Fuge is usually chosen for concrete surfaces that are not intended to be painted or coated to protect them from salt penetration.
  • Deep penetration allowed
  • Breathability of concrete retained
  • Original appearance retained,
    can be recovered


When carrying out repair works, it is important not only to find the cause of the structural issue and repair it accordingly, but also to ensure the prevention of future damage. As part of our turnkey repair service, we offer a number of options for protective coatings, including, but not limited to, anti-carbonation corrosion inhibitors, water ingress inhibitors, decorative finishes and anti-graffiti markings. We are aware that for coatings to perform as intended by the material manufacturer, the surface must be prepared to a high standard.
  • Many optional protective coatings
  • Turnkey repair service

Find out more in our case studies


Alpes-Maritimes Administrative Centre

To improve the building's safety, Freyssinet rolled out several complementary techniques as part of a design and build contract, whose total cost proved to be 34% less than the client's initial estimate.

Baker-Barry Tunnel

Renovation of an historic tunnel in the USA demanded a balance between improving its condition, and retaining unique features; Freyssinet worked with the owner to find the right solution.
New Zealand

Golden Bay Cement Silos strengthening

Extending the service life of the heavily damaged silos while preserving raw material resources was at the heart of the repair strategy Freyssinet designed for Golden Bay Cement, to ensure operations’ continuity.

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