Because many industrial plants are now reaching or have exceeded the end of their initial service life, there is an increasingly pressing need to deploy robust systems for monitoring the integrity of the ageing civil engineering infrastructure on these sites. An effective structural integrity management system is the most important defence against catastrophic failure at complex industrial plants.

  • Applications

    Industrial facilities
    Cement plants
    Grinding stations
    Agri-food storage terminals

Specific challenges

Industrial civil engineering structures are generally very large (towers, chimneys), subject to high loads (reservoirs, silos) and/or rolling loads (cranes, loaders), positioned in aggressive environments (high temperatures, thermal shock) and regularly subjected to dynamic stress (rotating machines). Every structure has a specific function and its structural failure modes are specific to the stresses that it undergoes due to the industrial process.

Unplanned shutdowns, operating losses, loss of shareholder confidence or even tragic accidents.

And adjust the utilization rate of structures to stay within safe limits.

To bring it in line with the service life of the industrial site.

By planning and ranking preventive maintenance operations by priority.

Structural Integrity Management

Freyssinet, your partner

CRH Plant Structural integrity management

With over 70 years of experience in structural inspection, evaluation and repair, Freyssinet offers support to develop a tailored asset management process for your infrastructure, backed by a SaaS inspection app, and uses the results to provide guidance on optimized corrective actions or improvements using cutting-edge techniques.

Structural Integrity Management

Organized monitoring of your assets

Beyond Asset SIMS, the custom digital solution

Developed in partnership with Sixense (Solétanche Freyssinet group), the Beyond Asset SIMS app guides the inspector through the process to guarantee the orderly progression of the inspection and help them log standard information records (type, location, severity and extent) for any significant defects and upload evidence photos in real time for ease of cataloguing and evaluation.

By using a tablet, photos of the defects can be uploaded directly in the app in real time for ease of cataloguing and evaluation.

After the detailed analysis of the inspection results, the app automatically generates an inspection report and dashboards, for one or more sites, that bring together the inspection data and the results of maintenance activities.

This means that managers can easily keep track of their asset inspection regimes and the condition of all of their structures at all times, and thus effectively steer the preparation of maintenance budgets.

  • Infrastructure tracking and intervention traceability
  • Update from the field without re-entry
  • Business expertise in infrastructure management
  • Decision support for your maintenance interventions
  • Solution adapted and personalised for business use
  • Automatic reporting and statistics

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