Avoiding the unexpected for a successful rehabilitation. Freyssinet guarantees effective and sustainable rehabilitation through a comprehensive service. We assist you from the study and diagnostic phase, in order to choose the repair strategies and select the technical solutions adapted to your structure. We guarantee quality implementation by specialists who have mastered proven technologies on our numerous sites.

  • Drinking water storage and supply structures
    Water storage tanks
    Large diameter pipelines
    Desalination plants
    Seasonal thermal energy storage buildings
  • Wastewater plants and collectors
    Urban and industrial treatment plants
    Rainwater or wastewater collectors

A heritage to be preserved

In the face of urbanization and the challenges posed by climate change, water supply and storage structure are of particular importance. They are part of our architectural heritage – ancient aqueducts, water towers of remarkable dimensions – and of our technical heritage – factories and underground collectors.

Hydraulic structures are highly stressed both mechanically by the hydrostatic pressure to which they are subjected and by their exposure to tides, to severe weathering in the case of atmospheric structures or to aggressive soils in the case of buried structures.

The legislation on safety standards for drinking water is constantly evolving. It includes detailed hygiene requirements for materials in contact with drinking water to ensure that only safe substances can be used.

The main problem with hydraulic structures is to ensure that they are watertight in order to avoid leaks, as well as infiltration in the case of underground structures.

Older structures also need to be strengthened to restore their original level of service and safety.

Even if properly formulated, concrete in sewage treatment plants is exposed to bacterial attack which can disintegrate it within a few years.

Why choose Freyssinet for your project?

01. Customised solution

Freyssinet invests heavily in innovation to develop customised solutions that meet the needs of each client.

02. Comprehensive service

Working closely with our technical department and our Major Projects division, our 60 subsidiaries capitalise on our experience and best practices to ensure the same expertise is applied to every project.

03. Worldwide experience

Freyssinet delivers a complete range of services covering assessment, repair, strengthening, protection and maintenance of all types of structures, certified by our Foreva® quality label.

04. Dedicated repair teams

Dedicated teams are assigned exclusively to structural repair in each country where we operate. They regularly undergo rigorous training programmes to keep their expertise up-to-date.

Our solutions and technologies for water infrastructures

We are all confronted with a myriad of coating technologies, each more innovative than the last, but difficult to implement under site conditions. That’s why our teams scrupulously apply the operating procedures developed by our specialists, from the repair and preparation of substrates to the control of environmental conditions and the application of the chosen coating.

  • Diagnosis of corrosion of concrete, concrete reinforcing steel and metal parts
  • Diagnosis of the waterproofing of the structure
  • Condition assessment and structural analysis
  • High pressure water jetting and hydro-demolition
  • Patching, repair and reprofiling of concrete substrates

  • Working in confined space
  • Working in explosive or toxic atmospheres (hydrogen sulphide)
  • Containment of work areas and air treatment
  • Scaffolding and tailor-made access systems

  • Preparation of surfaces by high pressure water jetting or abrasive blasting
  • Treatment of water ingress
  • Treatment of cracks
  • Treatment of expansion joints

  • Anti-carbonation coatings for concrete
  • Painting of external concrete facings
  • External thermal insulation of tanks
  • Exterior waterproofing membranes in the dome
  • Bringing safety equipment into compliance

  • Abrasion protection mortars
  • Mortars and coatings for protection against bacterial corrosion
  • Coatings for protection against condensate at roof intrados
  • Protective coatings against acidic liquids

  • Drinking water grade waterproofing mortars and coatings
  • Drinking water grade and crack resistant waterproofing coatings

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Freyssinet relies on solid skills and experience to repair, strengthen, and protect all types of dam structures. Our interventions range from basic repairs to stability enhancement, spillways and spillway gates rehabilitation, radial gate anchors strengthening, seismic upgrade, asbestos containing coating removal, etc. When it comes to waterproofing, you can count on our specialist subsidiary Carpi, the most experienced waterproofing geomembranes contractor worldwide.

  • 200+
    Large dams of all types
  • 100+
    Reservoirs for water supply, irrigation, hydropower, recreational use
  • 80+
    Canals, hydraulic tunnels and shafts
  • 50+
    Underground and environment protection structures

Dams main challenges

Dam failure results in a catastrophic break followed by a flood wave often with considerable loss of life or property. Over time, water infrastructures degrade and lose their watertightness due to water and environment attack, settlements, and deformations.

Poor bearing conditions can ultimately lead to instability of the structure.

Excessive water infiltration due to inadequate or non-existent drainage can lead to uplift forces on the structure.

Water seeping through cracks of the concrete facing and dislocation of the masonry works.

Concrete surfaces abraded by erosion due to the very high velocity waters

Concrete cracks in the body of the dam, water infiltrations, failed masonry joints, etc.

Modernization can be required to meet the requirements of new seismic regulations.

A specialised service covered by a global guarantee

From investigation to execution

Our solutions and technologies for dams

We offer our services for large-scale repair programs involving substantial engineering input, harsh conditions such as remote areas, low temperatures, work under water, difficult access or heavy logistic constraints.

  • Visual and drone inspections
  • Condition assessment using various inspection and monitoring techniques

  • Asbestos containing material removal
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Rejointing of masonry
  • Abrasion-resistant mortar relining

Concrete restoration solutions

Masonry structures

  • Prestressed ground anchors
  • Concrete works
  • Earthquake resistance concrete struts

Structural strengthening solutions

Composite reinforcements

  • Prevention: water vapour barriers, hydrophobic impregnation, flexible micro-porous coatings
  • Control: re-alkalisation, free chloride extraction, corrosion inhibitors
  • Protection: galvanic protection, impressed cathodic current protection

Corrosion protection solutions

  • Imperviousness systems: rigid cement and resin-based mortar linings, epoxy and polyethylene coatings, etc
  • Watertightness systems: semi-flexible glass epoxy composites, glass vinyl ester composites, Carpi thermoplastic waterproofing geomembranes, semi-flexible welded HDPE sheets, flexible polyurethane or polyurea coatings,
  • Joint bridging
  • Biogenic corrosion protection systems: calcium cement aluminate mortars, hybrid polyurethane, etc

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