Preserve bridge infrastructure assets: the biggest challenge for owners and operators

When exposed to the environment, increasing traffic loads and hazards, even the most well-designed bridges need repair and protection in order to ensure that their intended design life can be achieved.

Applications: roadway bridges, railway bridges, reinforced concrete bridges, prestressed concrete bridges, steel bridges, girder bridges, stay cable bridges, arch bridges, truss bridges, etc.


  • Ageing of materials (concrete, steel, wood, masonry)
  • Concrete cracking or spalling due to alkaline reaction
  • Concrete carbonation
  • Chloride penetration in the concrete cover
  • Chemical aggressions (polluted air, acid rain)
  • Freeze/thaw cycles

  • Change of use
  • Increase of live loads
  • New required clearance
  • Regulatory change
  • Material fatigue due to wheel loads
  • Excessive creep
  • Differential thermal expansion
  • Excessive shrinkage and differential shrinkage
  • Support settlement
  • Missing or defective expansion joints
  • Design or construction defect

  • Excessive loading
  • Ground movements, earthquakes
  • Vibrations
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • War damages
Bridges repair and strengthening

An end-to-end service

Our repair solutions and technologies for bridges

Bridge repair is a priority for us, and we are investing heavily in continually improving our knowledge and skills. Repair and replacement of post-tensioning tendons, cable stays, bridge bearings and expansion joints are of course key services; we also provide a wide range of services to assess, protect, repair and strengthen your structure.

Solutions and technologies for bridge repair


  • Inspection services: field inspection campaigns including access solutions, inspection of structural fittings, photographic survey including photogrammetry, non-destructive testing using imaging technologies and electro-chemical corrosion measurements, invasive inspections using endoscopy and material sampling, etc
  • Assessment studies: review of maintenance records, condition assessment, structural assessments
  • Instrumentation and monitoring to measure the behaviour of the structure over time, including procurement, integration, data collection, analysis, recommendations.

  • Hydro-demolition
  • Patch repair
  • Concrete re-profiling
  • Grout injection of concrete voids, honeycombs and joints
  • Injection of cracks to reinstate monolithism
  • Filling of cracks to restore waterproofing
  • Concrete anti-carbonation coatings
  • Protective coatings and waterproofing linings

  • Cathodic protection with galvanic anodes
  • Cathodic protection with impressed current
  • Electro-chemical treatment of concrete
  • Surface treatments

  • Additional prestressing
  • Dry shocrete
  • Carbon fiber fabrics and rods
  • Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced concrete
  • UHPC blisters
  • Metal and wood reinforcements
  • Underpinning with micro-piles
  • Load transfer using flat jacks

  • Repair and replacement of post-tensioning cables
  • Repair and replacement of stay cables
  • Replacement of bearings
  • Replacement of expansion joints
  • Maintenance of corniches

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