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Take on technical challenges, imagine engineering solutions, participate in unique infrastructure projects, and collaborate with international teams.
Choose the world leader in specialized civil engineering who gathers an unparalleled expertise, a strong innovative culture and a customer centred approach that always seek for sustainable performance.
Build yourself a dynamic career based on the incredible diversity of our techniques, our activities (engineering, manufacturing, installation) and our presence in more than 60 countries.
Join a decentralized company which values trust and individual initiative of its managers. We do not hesitate to give responsibilities to our employees, even at an early stage.

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An active recruitment and integration policy

Because we recruit our future experts today, we pay particular importance to recruitment, especially in our technical fields. We are partnering with the best universities and engineering schools in the world: Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Ecole des Ponts and INSA (France), Institut Polytechnique de Hanoi (Vietnam), Imperial College London (UK), Caminos Madrid (Spain), etc.
Each year we welcome around one hundred interns, thirty or so VIE (Volontaire International en Entreprise) and we also offer work-study contracts. We mainly recruit our young talent from among them. We then ensure that each new employee follows an individualised induction programme and receives guidance from a mentor.

A focus on training

With our objective of sustainable employment in mind, we train our employees to acquire new skills, exercise more responsibility and develop their autonomy.
Because our activities rely on specific know-how, and we want our projects to be carried out to the same standards of excellence throughout the world, we have developed our own training programmes: in prestressing, cable stayed or repair techniques, in safety, in the management of a Business Unit or in project management.

They are provided by our in-house training centre, the “Freyssinet Academy”, in two international centres, in France and Mexico, and soon a third one for the Asia-Pacific region. These face-to-face courses are supplemented by online modules.

Geographical and functional mobility

Geographical mobility in Freyssinet

One of Freyssinet’s great strengths is the mobility of its teams, particularly its managers. Every year, we have 20 to 30 managerial moves around the world. Our ambition is to offer challenging career opportunities, to diversify assignments and career paths, and also to develop exchanges between businesses, subsidiaries and continents.
Each mobility is the result of a compromise between the employee’s expressed wish and the opportunities available. In the Freyssinet global network, there are countless rich gateways: geographical mobility, within the Major Projects Division or between country subsidiaries; functional mobility, from operational activities to research or to industry ; upward mobility, within one’s original entity or in another BU, etc.

Each career is unique

Start with a first experience in one of our design departments, continue as a site engineer on different projects in Asia, Canada or Australia, continue as sales manager and move on to a department management role? Or would you prefer to be a top expert in our technical department and help all our business units to increase their technical competences?

We are looking for talents that are willing to take up continuous new challenges, want to solve problems, propose new solutions, enjoy working in a team and have some fun and are excited to contribute to our repair and new build projects!

It’s up to you to build your own career path. The range of possibilities is as wide as the group!

Simone MARKERING -  
Freyssinet’s Human Resources Director
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