From ancient stone spans to vast modern suspensions, bridges are both icons and vital transportation routes that help connect our world.

Freyssinet develops advanced technologies and bridge construction techniques that limit their impact on the environment. From design to construction and monitoring of bridges, Freyssinet integrates the entire value chain.

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Project-specific challenges

The design and construction of bridges poses challenges that are often project-specific and push the limits of our engineering knowledge. These include achieving ever greater span lengths, incorporating more environmentally friendly materials and techniques, reducing construction times, ensuring maximum reliability and durability, and facilitating the maintenance of the structure over time.


Constata bridge-Romania

Clients expect smart and cost-effective solutions and variants from their partners, without sacrificing functionality and long-term performance.

Value engineering has a significant impact on the economics of the project if and only if it is carried out in a holistic way, analysing all the components of the project and the life cycle of the structure. This requires global expertise from the future partners in the construction project.

As value engineering is a global approach, and project management becomes increasingly complex, clients need to develop privileged links with contractors who can offer a global and integrated service.

Because resource conservation has become a vital issue, clients expect a robust methodology to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project, as well as key performance indicators to measure the achievement of objectives.

Construction time is a key factor in project success and overall economy. Clients are looking to reduce construction time and increase site productivity, which requires good upfront planning and sound risk management.

The ageing of structures is one of the major challenges for managers in the years to come. In a context of limited financial resources, the use of structural health monitoring as a maintenance tool is of major importance.

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