The forces acting on bridges are multiple and of various origins: structure’s weight, shrinkage and creep, wind loads, temperature changes, traffic loads, horizontal loads such as accelerating, braking or skidding, impact forces due to collisions, support sagging, seismic forces, etc.
Freyssinet bearings are designed to ensure that loads are transferred between the superstructure and the substructure and that they enable movement and rotation of the superstructure.

  • Applications
    Water infrastructure
    Energy infrastructure

A wide range of bearings

Freyssinet has developed a wide range of TETRON® bearings based on five designs:

  • Elastomeric bearings
  • Pot bearings
  • Spherical bearings
  • Guide and restraint bearings
  • Linear rocker bearings

Each design is available in three operating modes allowing for different translational and rotational movements to suit the function of each structure:

  • Fixed
  • Guided-sliding
  • Free-sliding

All our bearings are CE Marked. They are custom made and can be designed and manufactured in accordance with various standards, the most common being EN1337 (Europe), BS 5400 (UK), AASHTO LRFD 2012 (US) and AS 5100 (Australia).


  • Transfer of vertical loads
  • Transfer of horizontal forces both in longitudinal and transversal direction
  • Sliding movements restrained
  • Rotations enabled


  • Transfer of vertical loads
  • Sliding movements in one horizontal direction
  • Transfer of horizontal forces in the other horizontal direction
  • Rotations enabled


  • Transfer of vertical loads
  • Movements in both horizontal directions
  • No transfer of external horizontal forces
  • Rotations enabled
Custom-designed bearings

Freyssinet also provides a variety of bespoke devices designed, manufactured and tested to custom specifications, such as -but not limited to:

  • Various types of uplift bearings, including double-cap spherical bearings with a mechanism to support uplift loads in service
  • Permanent “launch-over” bearings for erecting bridges using the incremental launching method
  • Sliding pads for all types of sliding, launching or skidding operations, with improved sliding materials
  • Jackable bearings, with vertical load adjustment during construction (single jacking) or during service (multiple jacking)
  • Bearings with integrated seismic devices -viscous dampers or shock transmission units
  • Cylindrical bearings and other moment-restraining bearings
  • Bearings with required horizontal stiffness
  • Bearings for acoustic isolation.

These devices are designed in close cooperation by our structural engineers and bearing specialists.

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