Pioneer in the development of earthquake protection devices, Freyssinet offers a complete range of dedicated products and associated services marketed under the well-known ISOSISM® brand.

  • Applications
    Water infrastructures
    Energy infrastructures

Why choose ISOSISM® systems

01. Wide range of applications

New structures, retrofitting of existing structures, post-earthquake repair. Bridges and viaducts, industrial and energy facilities, heritage buildings, hospitals and schools.

02. Wide range of solutions

Based on four concepts, used alone or combined together: Isolation - Dissipation by damping - Connection - Junction

03. Cost savings

On average, initial savings of 15% on the project overall cost. Continued operations after an earthquake and lower rebuilding costs.

04. Environment-friendly

Earthquake protection devices allow to considerably lighten the superstructure and the foundations of a structure.

05. Low maintenance

Easy installation & replacement, low maintenance.

06. Approved systems

Conformity to all international standards, CE marking on request.

07. Tailored solutions

Not only products. But solutions tailored to the seismic risk, the structure, its environment and your economic constraints.

08. Full service

From risk and structure analysis to installation of seismic solutions and maintenance.

ISOSIM at a glance

A double expertise upstream

ISOSISM device

Our technical teams will assist you to:

  1. Analyse the seismic behaviour of your structure
  2. Select the appropriate protection solution

We make this dual expertise available to structural designers and clients, providing them with practical solutions to optimize the overall cost of the structure and minimise the seismic risks of their infrastructure project.

ISOSISM®: an all-inclusive offer

From risk assessment to installation... and maintenance

Seismic protection devices

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