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Post-tensioning systems

As an undisputed pioneer, Freyssinet offers a complete range of strand and bar post-tensioning systems (PT systems), covering all possible applications in the civil engineering and building sectors. Our in-house teams ensure professional execution of PT work, handling all stages of design, installation, stressing and grouting.

Carpark post-tensioning replacement

A tightly-confined working area in an operational car park demanded careful planning for the post-tensioning replacement of a series of broken greased and sheathed monostrands in two underground deck slabs.

Auckland heritage building reinforcement

An eye for detail and command of technology were key to ensuring that a major project to create a railway tunnel below one of Auckland’s historic buildings was completed without a hitch.

Clemenceau Medical Center rehabilitation

Building rehabilitation project to turn a high-rise hotel building into a hospital facility, that needed extensive strengthening works to accommodate the revised loads.

Arsenal sports center connected post-tensioning

A project to install connected post-tensioning in the roof beams of a new sports centre in France was chosen as the test-bed for a system of monitored site operations which established the technology for wide-ranging data collection.

The MUCEM pushes back post-tensioning limits

A complex and innovative system for casting, assembling and post-tensioning tree-shaped concrete columns was the key to bringing to life the architect’s vision for a new national museum in Marseille

LH Ford bridge reinforced to support additional load capacity

To fight its deterioration over time, a balanced cantilever box girder bridge in regional New South Wales was reinforced for additional load capacity using post-tensioning, and repaired under traffic in a complex and carefully managed procedure.

Maintenance of stay cables and prestressing tendons