The sports facility was designed by Ricciotti Architecte and incorporates an aquatic centre and a series of halls for different types of activities. Freyssinet carried out the post-tensioning of 59 tendons in the roof beams of up to 53 m in length, for the swimming pool, the gymnasium and table tennis hall.

  • Name of the owner
    Rueil Malmaison City Authority
  • Name of the client
    Leon Grosse
  • Delivery date of the project
    October 2019
  • Partners of the project
    Menard - Sixense Mapping

Connected post-tensioning

Freyssinet’s ‘connected’ post-tensioning was developed with the goal of eliminating paper records and manual note-taking and enabling stressing operations to be monitored by a mobile application alongside decision-making by operatives. The new procedure is expected to cut the time taken to carry out stressing operations by around a third, and further efficiencies will be seen in the setting-up and sign-off procedures for each contract.
But the benefits of having the procedure controlled and the data recorded in this manner go far beyond time savings on site. Records from the operation are also compiled in a central database that is invaluable for monitoring quality control, and identifying areas where further improvements can be made, or anomalies that need to be investigated.

Arsenal Sports Center - Data acquisition and coding control - Connected post-tensioning

Data acquisition and coding control

The prototype is built around Menard’s existing Omnibox data acquisition device which is designed to supply the relevant data for the project, track production and monitor quality. It is combined with pressure and elongation sensors that can be applied to any type of jack, and a tendon tensioning application to control the operation.

The predicted stress versus elongation of the tendon is reproduced on the screen of the operative’s tablet, viewed alongside real-time measurements obtained from sensors on the jacks that are connected to the Omnibox. This is particularly helpful in the final stages where there may be many small increments to apply and where there is more chance of human error.

The whole operation is logged centrally, and the system is set up so that quality control forms can be submitted direct to the client in digital format for sign-off.

Connected post-tensioning feasibility check

The pilot project of the Arsenal Sports Complex at Rueil Malmaison illustrated the feasibility of the procedure but highlighted the need for a more compact version of the Omnibox. The existing design is oversized for this particular application, weighing in at around 20 kg, and Ménard is working to slim this down.
Many other business areas within the company will benefit from a similar digitization of site operations. One example is manufacturing of grout which involves the adjustment of a large number of variables depending on the circumstances. The measurement and recording of these adjustments is expected to be simplified dramatically by the adoption of this process, delivering associated benefits of efficiency and accuracy

We have been dreaming of a digital tensioning system for years; thanks to Bernard Basile and his team at the Technical Department, I had the pleasure of testing this new system. It is simple to use, rich in information and reassuring; the time saved is invaluable.

Site Manager

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