In 2009, an explosion ripped through the buildings of the Condat Group’s lubricants plant in Chasse-sur-Rhône in France’s Isère region. Freyssinet was first contracted in 2009 to carry out emergency concrete repairs, and its teams have since been carrying out maintenance work to extend the service life of the buildings at Condat’s manufacturing plant. The last example to date involved repairs to the reinforced concrete arches in Hangar C back in July 2020.

  • Name of the owner and client
  • Delivery date of the project
    July 2020

Concrete repairs scheduled over several years

Hangar C at the Condat Group’s lubricants plant was built entirely from reinforced concrete during the interwar years. The structure was suffering from the typical tell-tale signs of ageing concrete, with spalling and cracks appearing in the thin arches (12 cm thick) forming the roof, and the roof structure components (tie beams and hangers). As part of our client’s asset development strategy, repairs were scheduled in phases spread over several years. Early 2020, the teams at Freyssinet Rhône-Alpes Auvergne were contracted to carry out annual concrete repairs on the structures for the fifth time in 10 years.

Condat Group lubricants warehouse - cracks

The greatest testimonial to our expertise and our involvement in this project is the fact that the client has repeatedly enlisted our services. Over the last 10 years, the client has called on our teams five times!

Sales Manager, Freyssinet Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Involving resin injections, carbon fibre reinforcements…

Repairs were staggered over two weeks in March 2020 and one week in July. The teams began with a general inspection of the building, a structural survey, a geometric survey and various technical studies.
The damaged concrete was then eliminated and repaired. The cracks in the arches were injected with resin as part of a process offering millimetre precision. First of all, the fissures were opened before being pressure-injected with resin to completely fill the cracks. This approach was used to achieve two objectives, namely bond all the concrete fragments that had come loose and recreate the protective barrier around the reinforcements.
Once the cracks had been filled with resin, a carbon fibre reinforcing strip (Foreva TFC 75) was applied across the full length of the cracks. Just like surgical sutures, the strip guarantees a permanent repair by bridging and closing the cracks.

  • 250
    Total length of the Foreva TFC 75 reinforcing strip applied (in linear metres)
  • 120
    Amount of resin injected (in kg)
  • 600
    Aggregated work duration over three weeks (in hours)
Condat Group lubricants warehouse - carbon fibre reinforcement

…and carbon fibre braids!

Some specific areas in Hanger C’s roof structure required further repairs, especially the hangers. With cracks running from top to bottom, they had to be permanently re-anchored to futureproof their structural links with the roof’s arch and tie beam. In addition to injecting resin and applying Foreva TFC strips, the teams also fitted carbon fibre braids (Foreva WFC 100).

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