Fanny, Manager, South-East Division – Freyssinet France

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Age 36 - French - Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (structural calculations, engineering structures)
  • 2009  Structural Engineer – Technical Operations Department (Gémenos, France)
  • 2013  Sales Engineer (Languedoc Branch, South-East Division, France)
  • Since 2018  Languedoc Branch Manager, South-East Division - Freyssinet France

Building your own job

I started my career at Freyssinet as a structural engineer, within the South-East Operational Technical Department. After 2 years, I wanted to take to a commercial position, with more autonomy. Freyssinet took me at my word and gave me the keys to a regional branch, with the mission of developing a portfolio of clients on my own. I was delighted with this challenge, which I have been carrying out for 8 years! I only deal with construction, mainly structural repair and reinforcement. I manage about forty sites per year, from A to Z: commercial prospecting, detection of the site, elaboration of the technical solution, estimation of costs, negotiation of the contract, site supervision. I supervise a works manager and I am solely responsible for my turnover and my result.

Dealing with so many different issues

From historical monuments to industrial facilities and high-rise buildings, from reinforced concrete structures to timber or steel structures, I work on all possible sites! And with all possible people: experts, insurers (for instance after a disaster), lawyers, home-owner syndicates and general assemblies, private clients and public markets. I recently supervised the repair of steel framework on the parking lot canopies of the Avignon TGV station; the structural reinforcement of an entire basement of residential buildings; concrete repairs following infiltrations in a parking lot located under a canal in the city of Sète; or the securing of 120 concrete railings in a private residence on the seafront… I really appreciate this diversity; I enjoy changing hats on a regular basis, and switching missions: sales, negotiation, technical missions, communication or management.

A great toolbox

I benefit from both the autonomy and lightness of a very small structure, and the great strength of a multinational leader. Our unrivalled portfolio of products and technologies, and the expertise of our Technical Department, allow me to accompany the client from the definition of the repair to its implementation. One of the projects I am most proud of is the one I did for Metro (retailer). Following the partial collapse of a roof on one of their stores, Metro launched a call for tenders. While our competitors suggested demolition, we offered an innovative repair solution, which allowed the store to remain open during the work. Metro then called on Freyssinet again, not only when the entire structure had to be reinforced, but also to reinforce the frames of many other stores. And I like to think that this relationship of trust started in my branch!


Any advice for a young beginner?
Freyssinet is a tremendous source of knowledge and experience: it’s up to you to make the most of it, to enrich it in your turn, but it’s also up to you to know how to dare, to innovate, to shake things up!Your favorite Freyssinet project?
All the sites where we operate in order to maintain a heritage, to preserve existing buildings.3 words to describe Freyssinet?
Heritage, technicity, innovation.


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