Kaïs, Operations Manager – Freyssinet Morocco

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Age 36 - Tunisian. Master’s degree in Civil Engineering
  • 2007  Technical Engineer (Dubai, Qatar – United Arab Emirates)
  • 2009  Technical Sales Engineer (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2012  Deputy Project Manager (Dammam Bridge, Saudi Arabia)
  • 2015  Project Manager (Kuwait)
  • Since 2016  Operations Manager - Freyssinet Morocco

Growing up with Freyssinet

I joined Freyssinet 13 years ago as a trainee engineer, and I have never left ! Freyssinet and I grew up together in the Middle East, if I may say so, since the responsibilities I was entrusted with, the challenges I took up for Freyssinet, contributed a lot to shape the man I am today. As you will have understood, I am extremely attached to this company ! First of all, I had great opportunities, in many countries, in very different professions. I had commercial missions in Saudi Arabia, where Freyssinet had just established itself and wanted to develop its turnover. Then I had more technical missions, such as the construction of the Dammam Bridge, which remains to this day my most beautiful memory, in particular thanks to a very experienced manager and an extraordinary international team. And finally I’ve had management missions, like today in Morocco.


In Morocco, I supervise about thirty sites per year, all technologies included: new structures or repair, engineering structures or buildings, and I manage about sixty people. I am in charge of the technical, contractual, financial and logistical aspects of all the projects; for Freyssinet Morocco of course, but also for Freyssinet Tunisia, or even for our Moroccan clients’ projects in Ivory Coast or Mali. When I started here, one of my biggest challenges was to set up a solid organization. I created organizational charts and processes in order to rationalize purchasing and management control, digitalize our invoicing and collection procedures, and ultimately, improve our profitability.


At Freyssinet, I have the feeling that I am constantly growing. On the one hand, I was rather specialized in prestressing, but I had to diversify and my technical skills quite improved. On the other hand, I have built a lot of experience in management control, marketing, commercial negotiation, administrative management… and even in legal management, when we had to create the Freyssinet Tunisia entity. But I also learned to be flexible and adaptable, in countries where the regulatory or monetary framework is more than fluctuating; to take an interest in the global geopolitical stakes of the region, to understand how customers, currency flows, logistic flows work… And finally, I try every day to be a good manager, as inspiring as the people who trained me, to give back to the company all that it gave me.


What surprised you (pleasantly) at Freyssinet?
The autonomy given to young employees, and at the same time, the quality of the supervision and the concern for the transmission of knowledge.Which Freyssinet work are you most proud of?
The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge in Istanbul, or the Russki Bridge in Vladivostok: they are symbols of Freyssinet’s excellence, and always impress my new clients…3 words to describe Freyssinet?
Challenge, mobility, and above all identity: for the feeling of belonging, for the mutual loyalty between Freyssinet and its employees.


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