Stéphane, Major projects manager in Asia

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Age 48 - French - Master’s degree in Civil Engineering
  • 1996  Methods Engineer (Malaysia, Spain)
  • 2006  Project Manager (Dubaï, Australia)
  • 2013  Country Manager (Morocco)
  • 2016  Project Manager (Vietnam, United Kingdom) – Major Projects Department, Freyssinet International
  • Since 2021  Business Unit Manager – Bridge Construction and Cables, Asia – Major Projects Department, Freyssinet International

Great career opportunities

When I arrived at Freyssinet, what surprised me most pleasantly was the autonomy and trust I was given. After a few months, I had responsibilities that I might not have been given elsewhere. I have always been very appreciative of the way the company manages people, by taking their wishes into account, and providing them with opportunities for development. I myself am a good example of functional and geographical mobility! The first part of my career was rather technical, since as I started as a Methods Engineer; then I took more concrete and commercial positions, before becoming a Project Manager. I then asked for experience as a Subsidiary Manager and landed in Morocco, and here I am now a Business Unit Manager in the Major Projects Department. What I find very fulfilling is to have acquired a very complete background, not only in technical matters but also in HR, financial and commercial management… while working in a real spirit of collaboration.

A human adventure

The Major Projects Department provides logistical, technical and human support to the subsidiaries, depending on the size and duration of the projects. I recruit people, manage the progress of the work, the financial aspects and the relationship with the client. For each of my assignments, which last between 2 and 5 years, I move to the country concerned. I work on exciting projects, while discovering other cultures and ways of working. Some of my biggest projects: the construction of the viaducts of the Adelaide elevated road, Australia; the viaduct decks of the Ho Chi Minh City subway, Vietnam; or the elevated metro of Dubai. This was one of the biggest projects in the history of Freyssinet, and one of my greatest prides. Just imagine: 60 km of bridges in Dubai, teams working day and night, up to 2000 people… and the project was completed ahead of schedule, which left a very good image of Freyssinet in the Middle East.

Helping employees grow

Today, the heart of my job, my greatest satisfaction but also my greatest challenge, is managing people. This means getting very different populations to work together: young people, who have high aspirations in terms of quality of life at work; older people, who require change management; and international and multicultural teams. But managing also means defining priorities for each person, ensuring the transmission of knowledge and developing skills. And finally, taking a step back and learning to listen: to your teams, to your clients, without judgment.


Any advice for a young recruit?
Be patient. Take the time to soak up all the skills that exist in the company. And when you want to progress, don’t hesitate to let us know!Which Freyssinet project are you most proud of?
The Normandy Bridge (France). Our technological expertise in cable-stays, which is now recognized worldwide, was developed for this structure.3 words to describe Freyssinet?
Technical excellence, trust in employees, investment in people.


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