Tri Suryadi, Head of marketing and engineering for Freyssinet Indonesia

Express CV 

Age 34. Indonesian. Master’s degree in Structural Engineering 

2011 : Design Engineer & Seismic Engineer (steel bridge construction company) 

2016 : Head of ISOSISM Seismic Engineering Division, Freyssinet Indonesia 

Since 2021 : Head of marketing and engineeringFreyssinet Indonesia 


I was working as an engineer in a steel bridge construction company in Jakarta and I was looking for seismic protection devices, when I met a new supplier with very interesting solutions : FreyssinetIt turns out that my contact person was none other than the Managing Director of Freyssinet Indonesia ; and I must have made a nice impression since he very quickly offered me a position in the company ! More seriously, Freyssinet’s HR strategy is to recruit local talents in its subsidiaries, and then help them grow within the organization. So my boss took me in, gave me full responsibility and trusted me with creating the Seismic Engineering Division. I was alone at the beginning, doing everything, from marketing and studies to tenders and site monitoring. 5 years later, we have 5 people on the team, whave been pioneers in many technologies (such as Lead Rubber Bearings) and Freyssinet is now the leader of the seismic device market in Indonesia. I am very proud of our growthand very happy to take on new responsibilities, as I have just been appointed Head of marketing and engineering for the entire subsidiary. 

Spirit of cooperation

The Seismic Engineering Division has two main activities : designing seismic protection systems (selecting strengthening strategy, doing technical assessments and studies), and selling devices (bearings, expansion joints…) manufactured by our subsidiary, Freyssinet Products Company. Having this double expertise under the same Freyssinet flag is obviously a great asset. Especially here in Indonesia, where the market is growing : we have very high seismic riskand infrastructures with very poor seismic protection. The engineering and industrial capability we provide our clients with is what allows us to stand out from our competitors, especially those with an aggressive pricing policy. One of my biggest challenges was the tender for the Jakarta Light Rail Train seismic protection in 2019 : woffered innovative engineering solutionsmanaged to squeeze down our prices with the help of FPC, and won the contract. It was one of my greatest achievements. 


I’ve been with Freyssinet for 5 years, yet I am still amazed by the amount of experience and technical skills available in this company. To my young engineers, I often say that Freyssinet is a library full of knowledgeCommercially speaking, this is a great advantage : Freyssinet’s expertise and reputation are key assets when dealing with customers. And on a personal level, it’s a blessing to be able to continue to learn every day… 


What surprised you (pleasantly) when you arrived at Freyssinet ? 

How the company values the balance between your professional and personal life.  

What do you find the most difficult? 

Meeting with new clients who tend to underestimate me just because I look youngBut I know for a fact that looking young won’t last forever…  

3 words to describe Freyssinet? 

A solution-providing, customer-oriented, well established company. 


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