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Structural strengthening

With Foreva® solutions and turnkey service, we improve the performance of your assets in terms of structural safety, ease of maintenance and durability.

Additional prestressing

The installation of prestressing tendons on an existing structure requires skills not only in prestressing work but also in structural repair. With more than 60-year experience in the strengthening of structures using additional prestressing, Freyssinet offers the guaranty of a turnkey service.

Rande bridge widening

A world first was implemented by Freyssinet and its partners to increase the traffic capacity of the Rande cable-stayed bridge. It consisted in connecting an additional steel deck on both sides of the existing one and supporting it with a new stay cable system.

La Ricamarie bridge – Additional prestressing

Extending the lifespan of the viaduct by 100 years is what Freyssinet achieved after proposing a turnkey service to conduct heavy retrofitting works including additional prestressing, and completing them ahead of schedule.

Sahasinaka masonry structure strengthening

Featuring a combined concrete and masonry structure, the Sahasinaka viaduct was built in 1934. As one of the pier foundations showed signs of subsidence, structural strengthening of the bridge was conducted by Freyssinet.

Saint-Cloud Viaduct – Cathodic Protection

To prevent corrosion on a 1,100-metre long structure, Freyssinet's teams installed a large-scale Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system (ICCP).

St George’s Bridge expansion joint replacement

After more than 10 years of service, an assessment by Doncaster Council indicated that carriageway refurbishment and essential safety repairs were required for expansion joint replacement.

Hammersmith innovative post-tensioning system

Conventional solutions for strengthening a critical viaduct in west London proved impractical and led to the development of a ‘plug and play’ post-tensioning system and bespoke erection equipment.

Corrosion protection

To extend the life of structures exposed to aggressive environments, we offer corrosion protection solutions to prevent or mitigate corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete

Concrete restoration