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An Dong bridge’s multihole saddle

The latest generation of Freyssinet’s multihole saddle, which offers improved performance and durability, was used for the first time on Vietnam’s An Dong extradosed bridge.

Vegas Allegiant cable roof stadium

A short timescale for assembly and erection of a cable-net roof on a new stadium in Las Vegas drove the creation of a digital site management tool that saved time and improved quality control.

Hammersmith innovative post-tensioning system

Conventional solutions for strengthening a critical viaduct in west London proved impractical and led to the development of a ‘plug and play’ post-tensioning system and bespoke erection equipment.

Barbazan culvert reinforcement using UHPFRC

A specially developed mix and custom-designed equipment now allow ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete to be spray-applied, opening up a world of possibilities for this durable material.

Y Bridge widening and strengthening

Planned widening works to an 80-year old bridge in the congested urban setting of Ho Chi Minh city centre had to be reconsidered after thorough analysis revealed the structure’s true condition.

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge pushed the limit for cable-stayed structures, its main span setting a new world record and demanding extra-long cables designed for the region’s harsh climate.

Rion Antirion cable-stayed bridge lightning protection

When a bolt of lightning damaged the cable system, the cable-stayed bridge lightning protection had to be carried out along with the emergency replacement of one of the cables.

The MUCEM pushes back post-tensioning limits

A complex and innovative system for casting, assembling and post-tensioning tree-shaped concrete columns was the key to bringing to life the architect’s vision for a new national museum in Marseille

Jakarta LRT seismic isolated superstructure

Space for a new elevated light rail system in the capital was in short supply. Freyssinet’s proposal to introduce a seismic isolated superstructure addressed this and even led to a 20 % reduction in costs.

ITER reactor cryostat spherical bearings

Bearings to support the cryostat chamber inside the ground-breaking International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in south west France had to meet stringent requirements.