A new milestone for the HS2 railway line project has been achieved!

A new milestone for the HS2 railway line project has been achieved!

HS2, the UK’s high-speed rail line from London to the North-West, connecting Manchester, Birmingham, and London, stands currently as one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects.

This summer, Freyssinet worked diligently to ensure the successful completion of this significant milestone between Coventry and Leamington Spa.

The train route was temporarily closed for the installation of the HS2 Coventry box slide—a massive 5,600-tonne, 46-meter-long bridge structure. It was moved into position in just 5.5 hours using Freyssinet’s Autoripage® technique, minimizing disruptions.

Completed 27 hours ahead of schedule, the operation involved removing 113 meters of tracks, 188 rail sleepers, and excavating 15,000 cubic meters of soil.

Autoripage® is a method enabling the installation of a structure entirely prefabricated on a nearby base and sliding it to its final position onto bentonite grout, after completely clearing the ground. After sliding completion, backfilling is carried out to re-open the route to traffic.

Thanks to this operation, this new bridge allows the high-speed HS2 line to pass beneath the existing railway.

Congrats to the teams from HS2, BBV JV, Freyssinet UK supported by Freyssinet France’s major projects division and Hebetec Switzerland.