Our contribution to the Allegiant Stadium!

Last week, the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas hosted the Super Bowl, and as you know the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers. Our teams - Freyssinet Major projects and Freyssinet, Inc. - USA - take great pride in their significant contribution to the construction of this exceptional stadium!  

📅 2018-2020
📍 Las Vegas, USA

Our missions:

Supplying and installing a lightweight inner roof structure for a stadium, including materials, labor, and engineering, while overcoming logistical hurdles and tight deadlines in a digital-only environment.

This involved 52,500 feet of cables, steel components, and jacking equipment.

The roof, pre-assembled on the ground, was lifted 185 feet. With the assistance of 50 Hebetec Engineering AG strand jacks (with a 400-ton capacity each) and 100 hollow jacks, the net structure was successfully raised into place.

Leveraging their expertise in design, supply, and erection, our teams utilized BIM and their innovative tool, DigitalSite with Sixense Group to streamline production and quality control.

DigitalSite played a crucial role in efficiently managing the quality control process for over 150,000 elements, contributing significantly to the project’s success.

Once in place, Freyssinet connected the structure to the stadium using hollow jacks and tensioned the cables as designed.

Well done teams!