Congratulations to Freyssinet France!

The Construction Trophies, organized by Bactiactu Group, were presented early September, and Freyssinet France emerged as the winner of the 2023 Award in the Infrastructure category.

This award acknowledges the works realised on the monumental staircase of Le Bailli, in Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer in the south of France.
It was an unusual and innovative project that required a wide range of Freyssinet skills (corrosion protection, dry shotcrete, prestressing, geotechnics).
The teams also successfully met a significant environmental challenge due to the immediate proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

The staircase had been seriously damaged and weakened by sea spray. Its access had been closed for several years due to the risk of collapse. Thanks to the refurbishment and strengthening works carried out by Freyssinet, local residents can now access the beach safely and enjoy the French Riviera.