Construction of 8 bridges on Al-Nawaseeb Road in Kuwait

In Kuwait, Al-Nawaseeb Road is one of the countrys main roads from the Kuwaiti capital to Saudi Arabia: the construction site represents one of the most important for the country. 

For this bridge superstructure, Freyssinet Middle East is using castinsitu balanced cantilever method, a construction technique where the segments are progressively cast in place in their final position within the structure. This is the first time that Freyssinet Middle East carries out a project of this importance using this technique. 

 What is the structure of this Interchange? 

  • 8 bridges 
  • Total length: 1736 m 
  • 302 segments 
  • Maximum span length: 110m 1198 tonnes of PT Strands 

 What is Freyssinet Middle East scope? 

  • Construction engineering 
  • Supervision of bridge construction works 
  • Operation of form travelers 
  • Supply and installation of post-tensioning 

 What is the timingfor this project? 

Started in January 2020, we’re today at 88% of erection works. The work will be completed by June 2023. 


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