A second life for the East River Bridge in La Réunion

Commissioned in 1893, this emblematic bridge had undergone several campaigns of work to adapt to traffic conditions. Vehicle access was banned in 1979 following the commissioning of a concrete bridge nearby, and the bridge was closed to pedestrians in 2016 for safety reasons. A second life is being given to this historic structure, which will become a pedestrian bridge of high architectural value.

The renovation works have started on the Rivière de l’Est suspension bridge on Reunion Island, which spans the river of the same name by over 45 metres.

The steel deck and the suspension system are entirely replaced. Only the Arnaudin-type guardrails will be conserved, with a strict ban on their removal during the works.

The preparation work was completed at the end of June. Our teams are now at work cutting and removing the deck in sections. This will be followed by the removal of the cables and then the reconstruction of the bridge in identical form.