Freyssinet awarded for the rehabilitation of 26 bridges in Ottawa

Freyssinet Canada has been awarded a contract by the KEV consortium for the rehabilitation of 26 bridges part of theO-Train East-West ExtensionLight Railway Transit (LRT) project. Freyssinet is proud of being involved in theStage 2 LRT project which will change for the best the way people move around Ottawa.  

A major project in tough working conditions.

In this purpose, we have three crews operating day and night all around the Capital City under both summer and winter conditions to extend the service life of these structures.


Started August 2022, the project combines 3 typical Freyssinet know-hows in bridge repair: 

  • Crack injection using either polyurethane resin or epoxy to restore waterproofing and load bearing capacity of the bridges. 
  • Bridge jacking with synchronized lifting system to replace both pot and elastomeric bearings 
  • Treatment of delaminated concrete area on bridge abutments, walls, beams, and soffits including chipping, forming, and pumping/pouring. 

Final Client: City of Ottawa
Consortium: Kiewit Eurovia Vinci