Repair and extension of El Centenario bridge in Sevilla, Spain.

For its 30th anniversary -it was built for the Seville Expo '92 universal exposition in 1992-, the bridge is getting a makeover. Freyssinet Spain teams, in association with Acciona and Tecade, are carrying out important renovation and improvement works. 

W️hat are the main challenges? 

  • Repair of the piers 
  • Replacement of bearings 
  • Widening of the deck supported by stay cables 
  • Replacement of 88 stay cables

This type of intervention is rare.

For Freyssinet, this is the second time in its history, and also in the world, that the company has been involved in widening a cable-stayed bridge deck. The first project involving this high-level expertise was the Rande bridge, with a 400 m span and 4 traffic lanes over the Vigo Estuary in Galicia, Spain. This innovative project involved adding two 7m-wide metal decks. 

Progress of the work:

Work began last spring and will be completed sometime in 2025. To date, we have performed and completed the repair of the concrete piers. The replacement of the stay cable will start early next year. We will keep you posted of the progress of the work. Stay tuned!