Decommissioning of Ringhals Nuclear power plant Unit 2 in Sweden 

The Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2, operated by the company Ringhals, a subsidiary to Vattenfall in Sweden, was shut down in late 2019 after 44 years of operation and is now undergoing decommissioning. 

The “Special Items Lot 5 project” is being led by Nuvia, in consortium with Hebetec and Nuvia Nordic. It involves the dismantling of the primary loop as well as the disconnection and packing of reactor cooling pumps and associated systems.

Our subsidiary Hebetec, with its experience in the design, manufacture, and operation of heavy-lift hydraulic equipment, will ensure the safe and efficient removal of the three steam generators and the pressurizer from the Reactor Building. To do so, they will install temporary steel structures and will use a horizontal guiding system. The works on site are planned between February and August 2024.

Safety as well as protection of all personnel and the environment being of utmost importance, all workers on the site will be equipped with relevant equipment and sensors to ensure that all activities are performed according to regulatory requirements.

We would like to thank Vattenfall for entrusting us with this project.

The project aims to not only complete the decommissioning safely and efficiently, but also in a sustainable way by optimizing waste management.

Roland Jakob  
Project Manager of Hebetec

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