Seismic isolation of A. Volta School Institute in South Italy

With the installation of 91 anti-seismic devices, Freyssinet awarded one of the most massive seismic isolation project with retrofit activities in southern Italy. After the reinforcement of the ground floor columns, our site teams installed 47 elastomeric isolators ISOSISM type HDRB and 44 sliders type CE. 

The reduction of the seismic action on the superstructure can be achieved through base isolation. The anti-seismic devices (also called isolators) are characterized by a low horizontal stiffness, thus allowing the lenghtening of the vibration period of the isolated structure. Even after strong earthquakes the building behaves elastically and remains fully operational. 

All the site activities including the installation of the isolators have been completed without interruption of school activities, and giving the opportunity to the students  to assist to main retrofit phases. 

Freyssinet offers tailored solutions for seismic protection of structures, including design, production, testing and installation of the devices. 

Depending on the required level of seismic protection, Freyssinet develops  strengthening strategies taking into account architectural and site constrains. Our activities include advanced concrete and steel retrofit techniques and supply of ISOSISM® seismic protection devices fully designed and manufactured in our offices and factory based in Milan.